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Earlier this year, I uploaded a video called “10 Things I Wish I Never Bought.”

I really liked that making that video, so I decided to share “10 Purchases I Don’t Regret” from this year. I incorporated a picture with each item, but some of the pictures aren’t that good (just to warn you).

  1. BEASTLY. This is kind of a two-in-one because I don’t regret buying both the movie and the book, which were around five dollars each. The book was veeery diff
    Book is from Amazon. Movie is from Walmart.

    erent from the movie, but I actually liked that; I’m honestly going to read the book again soon. They seem to be two completely different recreations of the same story with similar covers. However, both of the stories were great, and I am happy I own both. Unlike normal books turned to movies, I can’t compare them because they are so different, but I am not mad about it.

  2. FRIENDS SHIRT. I literally love this shirt. Period point blank
    from SheIn

    . I get so many compliments when I where it, and it’s such a great conversation starter. Also, it’s just very comfortable, and it has become my go-to shirt when I don’t know what to where. It’s probably the best nine dollars I’ve ever spent on a shirt.

  3. ALL BLACK SUNGLASSES. I am a sunglass fanatic; they are just so great for people watching and hid
    from Lux Brand (

    ing my bags and making any casual outfit more stylish. Anyway, these sunglasses have become my everyday, go-to sunglasses, and I’m not just saying that because I am a Lux Brand partner. I genuinely love these sunglasses and will hopefully buy a purse soon. If you check out Lux’s site (, make sure you use my coupon code “Jamilah” for 20% off your order.

  4. CANON REBEL T3i. For me to grow on YouTube, I wanted to buy20171118_151748 a much better quality camera than what I was using, so I did. I love my Canon. The complexity of the body is just enough for me to handle, and I love being able to change out the lens. Since Canon keeps coming out with new cameras, it’s harder to find the older models like the T3i, so you’d probably have to invest in a used one. I promise, it is worth it.
  5. NYX BUTTERGLOSS. I definitely wasn’t a fan of the NYX Lingerie Matte Li
    from Charlotte Russe

    quid Lipstick (I think that’s what it’s called). However, the buttergloss is soooo nice. When it’s on my lips, it feels so good. The color I have is Raspberry Pavlova (BLG33), and it has become my go-to lipgloss/lip color. I only got it for a couple of dollars from the checkout line at Charlotte Russe. It’s a little bottle that goes a long way; ten out of ten recommend.

  6. WOODEN CRATES. I bought these to act as my bookshelf for my dorm, and I lo
    from Michael’s

    ve it. It is a nice display of my books and diploma; I also have stuff hidden behind it. They were ten dollars each. If you have a lot of stuff, like me, and want to have somewhere to put it without your room looking junky, I recommend investing in wooden crates. You could even get enough to where you stack them, and they become a nightstand.

  7. JEAN JACKET. I have weird arms and shoulders, and sometimes it is a challenge to buy jackets. I had be
    from Gabe’s

    en looking for a great denim jacket for a while, and I finally found it and at a good price. From what I’ve seen, most denim jackets are kind of expensive, but this one was sixteen dollars. I love the rips, the thickness, the pockets inside, literally everything. My favorite thing is that it fits perfectly.

  8. BLACK SWEATER. This is literally a blanket. If I wouldn’t die of heatstroke, I would wear this in the summer. This is the biggest, c
    from Gabe’s

    omfiest sweater ever. I am a huge fan of loose clothing, and this is perfect. I love how the sleeves are longer than they appear because it is a batwing sleeve. It was well worth the seventeen dollars. I don’t know what more to say about it besides I love it.

    from JCPenney
  9. WHITE SANDALS. Even in this twenty degree weather, these are my go-to, which is probably not a good thing. I wear them with appropriate spring and summer outfits, but I also slide them on sometimes when I have to take out the trash. They just look so good and are veeery comfortable. Also, I got them when they were on sale and got fifty percent off the sale price, so they were around six dollars. I can’t wait for spring; I will literally wear these everyday.
  10. EVERYTHING EVERYTHING. I saw the trailer for the movie and found out it was a
    from Amazon

    book, so I bought the book to read before I watched the movie. I am so happy I bought this book. It’s soooo good and such an easy read. The font isn’t too small, and there are drawings/doodles all throughout. The movie stayed true to the book, but there were parts that weren’t included in the movie that you can read in the book. I totally recommend this book.


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