With the unnecessary stress of non-calculus prob & stats and the crappy roommate situation and the disappointment of finding out I can’t move out of my room, I needed this Thanksgiving break. It started off fairly well and ended in a way I didn’t expect.

Besides taking care of a few housekeeping and school things, I relaxed on Wednesday and enjoyed my roommate and the annoying boy next door being gone. That night, I had Friendsgiving with two of my friends/the designated RAs for the week in my residence hall. I really needed it, especially after potentially bombing a campus tour with my awkwardness. I cooked green beans in a crockpot, which left kind of a weird smell in my dorm room (my bad). It was kind of a vegan Friendsgiving; we had fresh green beans, mashed potatoes, really big and fluffy rolls, and a corn pudding/casserole type thing. There was also leftover pizza from Domino’s and Marco’s, a pumpkin dessert, and a dessert with coconut. We watched a documentary following the life of baby tigers and Last Holiday, two completely unrelated things. Before Friendsgiving, I watched Fifty Shades of Grey, and afterwards, I watched Fifty Shades Darker. The first one was definitely more uncomfortable to watch than the second, and I honestly can’t wait for the third one, which I’m still debating on watching.

On Thanksgiving, I woke up an hour before noon. The day kind of passed in a blur until it was time to eat. I ate three plates of food; there were so many options, and I couldn’t help myself. I was so full that my ribs actually started hurting. Walking was a pain for a while, and I was definitely ready to go to sleep.

Then came Black Friday. I didn’t buy anything because that would seriously murder my bank account, and I still have to participate in this (which you should too):

I went to the store with my aunt and grandmother. At Belk’s, I saw the biggest, most beautiful teddy bear ever; I strongly believe it was made for me. However, it was three hundred dollars. A lot of the day was spent relaxing and just enjoying each other’s company, much like the rest of the break. On this particular night, we decided to order two pizzas to compare– a pepperoni from Greg’s and a deluxe from Johnny Brusco’s. Both were absolutely delicious.

I woke up Saturday and wasn’t feeling well. I wanted to stay in bed and not deal with people but things needed to get done. I felt so bad that I started crying in the middle of Home Depot. Later that night, I watched Wrapped Up in Christmas on Lifetime, which had a star-studded cast– Tatyana Ali, Jasmine Guy, Kim Fields, Jackee Harry, and Joseph Marcell. I didn’t know Lifetime aired Christmas movies, but I’m happy I have another option that isn’t Hallmark.

I woke up this morning, Sunday– my last day of break, to some horrible, heartwrenching news. My great-grandmother passed away this morning, and I lost it. It’s still kind of hard to comprehend, and I’m trying to get rid of this guilty feeling for not visiting her in the hospital, which is a challenge. It’s still kind of hard to comprehend. I know death is inevitable, but that doesn’t make it easy. During break, I read All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (really good book; fifty out of ten recommend), and finishing it today did not help the emotional, sick mess I already was… and still kind of am.

Rest in peace Edith.

“Laters Baby.”


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