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This is long overdue, but I’ve been using most of break from college as an actual break.

“What I Got For Christmas” are one of the most popular videos on YouTube. Several YouTubers get them up on the morning of Christmas and a couple even get them up on Christmas Eve. This go around, I decided to do it on my blog. Since I am taking advantage of my break (before having to go back to the madness that is college and the 10-degree weather that is East Tennessee), I decided to only upload one video on my channel in December, which was my 2017 rewind of my channel.

I uploaded a “What I Got for Christmas 2016” on my main channel and even decided to do a “What I Gave for Christmas 2016” on my channel because I genuinely love giving (I’ve heavily thought about doing a giveaway on here, let me know what you think).

Anyway, this is what I got for Christmas in 2017, and per the usual disclaimer, I am in no way trying to brag.

RED MICHAEL KORS PURSE. This was a bit of an early gift but a gift nonetheless. I’m honestly not sure if it’s fake or not (I can never tell the difference), but it doesn’t matter because I needed a new purse with moreIMG-0741 space. It’s not my usual black bag with gold hardware, but I actually like that; it’s very new to me.

CHRISTIAN STANDARD STUDY BIBLE. I got it a week before Christmas. It wasn’t technically a Christmas gift, but I still wanted to include it. I think it will improve my understanding of the Bible and the different revelations and connections. I am very excited to accomplish reading the Bible for the 4th time with this Bible.

GRAY SWEATER, “GIRL POWER” TEE, & “WAKE ME WHEN WINTER IS OVER” TEE. The gray sweater is super cozy, and the tees are very soft. I needed another sweater to help survive the cold and wanted another tee that said “Girl Power” (because being a girl is freaking awesome).

GIANT TEDDY BEAR. I have wanted one for soooo long and was planning on buying it for myself. Instead, my grandpa surprised me with it. He told me to go in the bedroom I had been sleeping in and said to get a box off my bed. Me being slow and sick, I searched the bed for a box until, after a few minutes, I noticed a giant teddy bear on the bed and got really excited. Then I went back to looking for a box, which I eventually realized was just a trick for me to discover the bear. I knew immediately it was a “he,” and with advice, I named him Charlie.

HOODED GRAY SWEATER & RIPPED JEANS. The outfit is from New York & Company, and it is A LOOK; I just wish I had a picture of it. I’m a little nervous because the pants are a size 6, and I think my thighs got a little bigger.

NAIL POLISH. This was literally a need I didn’t know I needed until I opened it. I only had one bottle of nail polish in my dorm room, and in my opinion, wearing the same color gets old after a while.

BLACK BOOTS WITH GOLD HARDWARE. These are knee-high boots from Shoedazzle, and yet again, I wish I had a picture. I am so excited about wearing them; they will match several outfits.

GHIRADELLI PEPPERMINT BARK. This is kind of a tradition. My grandma gives us a bag every year, and I honestly always look forward to it.

AMAZON ECIMG-0743HO DOT. This was such a big surprise that I totally did not see coming (just like the bear). I briefly mentioned wanting it to a couple of people but knew it was something I could live without. I’m so happy I have it, and it will be very useful for when I go back to college. You can set alarms, reminders, make to-do lists; you can even play games with Alexa, share jokes, and learn an interesting fact about the day by simply saying “Alexa, good morning.” The only downside is you have to have Spotify premium to use Spotify with Alexa, so I will only be doing that until the end of March.

MOVIE TICKETS. I was surprised with a couple of heart warming cards; one was from a family member I don’t know too well, and one was from the family of the little boy I was babysitting. His mom is a capeless hero, a true inspiration, and they surprised me with moviIMG-0742e tickets. I was so astonished and touched; I really didn’t know how to act.

I also got money, which I used to buy two books that were at the top of my list this Christmas (they were actually pretty much all I wanted but never specified to anyone). I am BEYOND grateful for everything. I would have survived this Christmas without receiving any gifts, but I am eternally grateful and forever blessed.

I hope you had a happy holidays and are very optimistic about 2018.



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