Twenty eighteen is definitely a fresh start for me; it’s the year where I will begin to live my life the way I want to (minus having to get a job this summer… and maybe even this semester).

Twenty seventeen was the year I got rid of (more like escaped) toxic people and a state of negativity I was stuck in. Amongst those toxic people, were people I thought were my friends. I lost a friend who I thought would be around for a long time, but she’s not anymore; it’s incredibly heartbreaking. I experienced a weird and random downfall of a relationship/friendship with my old roommate. I even lost a mutual “friend” because of it (refer to “The Time of my Life” blog post if you want to see a picture of this mutual “friend”).

Twenty seventeen was the end of an era, and twenty eighteen is the start of a new one. I’m EXTREMELY excited.

There are specific areas of my life I want to work on in 2018; I definitely want to focus on myself and starting life anew. Of course, I want to continue to grow closer to God and get better at adulting, but other than those two, these are the areas I really want to work on:

MY HEALTH. Before last year, I thought I was very healthy and had my health under control. Then 2017 happened, and I discovered I was very, very wrong. I started the year off with a kidney infection, which I soon realized was from starvation. I had to have a mammogram done in August because a doctor found a lump in my right breast. I found out it was benign and non-hazardous and common for people my age. On Christmas day, I kept throwing up; I felt like I was vomiting my organs and found out I have acid reflux, which I’m still trying to fix. I hate being sick and don’t need to worry about these problems. With the help of people who support me and care about me, I’m going to get better. Here’s to getting my health together! 🥂

EXPERIMENTING MORE. There are a few things I want to experiment with regarding my appearance and endeavors. This is the year I am going to cut my hair. I got my last perm in August and decided to go natural. The plan is to get my hair braided one last time, and once I take them out, I’ll ask a family member (I trust with scissors) to cut it. First, I still need to do some research. I also really want to figure out makeup… mainly the basics (foundation, eyebrows, and eyeshadow; maybe concealer). I don’t really want to wear bronzer, highlighter, false lashes, etc., and I definitely don’t want to wear it all the time (more than likely while filming). I want my face to look natural. The first step is finding a foundation that matches my skin, which has proven to be a challenge.

MY STYLE. I’ve been reading Love x Style x Life by Garance Dore’ (there’s supposed to be an accent above Dore, but I don’t know how to do that on a keyboard). Anyway, I am literally obsessed with this book. Style is more than the clothes you wear. I believe the book said something along the lines of “fashion fades but style is forever.” I need to figure out my style and buy clothing pieces that really match who I am and who I strive to be.

EXPERIENCING MORE. This year I will start living my life like I should’ve been living it. I’m going to try more and experience more and do more and ask more. It’s time to get out of my shell. Enough said.

THE BLOG. I am genuinely in love with this blog and blogging in general. I want it to be even greater than what it already is. I am definitely going to call or buy a better plan or something to figure out how to have blog posts appear on different pages. I plan on getting a 50mm f/1.8 camera lens to take better pictures for the blog (it will also improve the quality of my YouTube videos). This site is my baby, and I want to see her grow beautifully.


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