Look at Us

It is February 1st, which means it is the first day of Black History Month, and I love Black History month. If you didn’t know, I am black. In honor of Black History Month, I wrote a little something and uploaded it to my YouTube channel today; it’s definitely a little rough. It is kind of similar to the “End of the Day” post I uploaded. I’m not sure whether it’s called spoken word or a poem or just a bunch of words on a paper, but here is “Look at Us”:

Look at me
Tell me you see more than my beautiful brown skin
For the pigment of my skin does not determine what’s within
I am neither a nigger nor a monkey
I am human just like you
But all you see is a “little black girl”
Instead of an educated African American woman
As soon as I’m pulled over, you have your hand on the gun*
Ready to rid another girl of her dreams
Your inconsideration and ignorance make me want to scream
I have a life ahead of me
I want to help the homeless hopeless and hungry
Before I die, I want to see equality
I want everyone to have real freedom and individuality
I’m black and I’m proud
I’m a part of a community making all past visions come to life right now

Look at you
You talked down to me because of the color of my skin*
Instead of looking at the brain and heart within
You try to take our voices, our innocence, our lives
You want us to hide and make our truth sound like a lie
Do not take our achievements*
You say you hate us but support us in basketball
You want to kill us, hang us, flog us
But support us in football
We’re only accepted if we act like you all
We are ourselves and not a stereotype*
And we are definitely worth all the hype
Just like you, we have to share this land
This land that is not anyone’s homeland

Look at history
We blessed you with Ella Fitzgerald and Mahalia Jackson
Houston, Cool J, Armstrong, and Wonder
Tupac, B.I.G., ‘Yonce, and Cardi B
We can’t forget the king, Michael Jackson
That’s just the beginning
We gave the world Jackie, Thurgood, and Jordan
Cathy, Dorothy, and Mary*
There’d be even more crashes if it wasn’t for Mister Morgan
And we’re still making history
Just look at Vanessa Williams, the Obamas, and Oprah Winfrey
And always on our minds are these legendaries
Rosa refused to give up her seat
Martin had a dream and marched peacefully
They fought for our freedom
Yet we’re still not completely free

Look at us
Extraordinary people ridiculed because of our color
We say Black Lives Matter, but we know we’re not the only ones who matter
Every color and culture has experienced segregation and discrimination
This is our time to make it known
We wish oppression on no one
We fight in wars for a country that treats us unequally
Don’t get me started on racial injustice
Some of us are thrown in jail for crimes we didn’t commit
Underrepresented in so many ways
And you treat us like toys while you go around and kill our little boys
Stereotypes, slavery, and racism shouldn’t be alive
All the hate you give just makes us unify
Together we will rise



the *s:
(stanza 1, line 8): This actually happened to me.
(stanza 2, line 2): This also happened to me… and still does sometimes.
(stanza 2, line 6): This has also happened to me, and I have seen it happen to other people.
(stanza 2, line 11): There are several stereotypes about black people, and because I don’t match the stereotypes, numerous people have either said I’m “not black” or “act white.”
(stanza 3, line 8): I wanted to mention people that aren’t as well-known as others. Cathy is Cathy Hughes, the founder and chairperson of America’s largest broadcast company owned and operated by an African American. Dorothy is Dorothy Hollingsworth, the first African American to serve on a school board in Washington State. Mary is Mary Eliza Mahoney, the first African American graduate nurse in America.


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