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We’ll Wish We Could Come Back To These Days

February 18, 2018

The title is totally a lyric from “These Days” by Rudimental ft. Dan Caplen, Macklemore, and Jess Glynne (which I TOTALLY recommend listening to, by the way).

Anyway, the past two weeks have held eight days of amazingness… or at least eight days where there were amazing moments, and they are moments I wouldn’t mind going back to.

aka Super Bowl Sunday
For the Super Bowl, I went to one of my club advisors’ houses and had an absolute blast. I met and watched the Super Bowl with a bunch of cool, kind, hilarious people; I also ate an unhealthy amount of meatballs and tortilla chips. Several people were there just to hang out, but I was also there to actually watch the Super Bowl… and commercials (of course). Though many people were for sure counting on the Patriots to win, the Eagles overcame and conquered (41-33). It’s the first Super Bowl win for the Eagles, and I am honestly very happy for them. As for the commercials, I personally think they were a lot better than last year. Here are all of my favorites:


Doritos and Mountain Dew:


All of the Tide commercials were hilarious. Whenever a commercial came on, we would guess if it was a Tide commercial or not.

After finishing my homework, I took a late night trip to Walmart with a couple of male friends. It was such a simple act, but the spontaneity and the people made it fun. Then we returned to the dorms and played Mario Kart; I stayed until 1:30am, even though I had an 8:15am class the next day, and sleep is my ultimate source of energy. I made a new acquaintance and tried Dr. Enuf, which is really good (totally recommend). We did the same thing February 7th, but I only stayed until about 9:30pm.

I worked on a group project for my relaxation for health class and learned about ASMR, a unique relaxing technique you need to try. It’s really weird at first, but once you submit and emerge yourself, it’s very relaxing. My partner is a very interesting person with very interesting views (but not interesting in a bad way). She’s very real, 100 percent herself.

To end the week on a non-stressful note, I went to see a movie with one of the great friends I’ve made on campus, Ashton. Our school was showing Justice League, which actually wasn’t that good of a movie. Like, at all. I betrayed Marvel, but I know now I will never do it again. However, Barry Allen is my favorite character. Minus the speed, he is probably the most me character to ever exist. We are pretty much the same person. He is my spirit animal. He is literally me.

I went to The Pink Bride Wedding Show with a couple of female friends. Beforehand, we went to a house where one of my friends was housesitting, and I showed some love to their dogs; they had two labs and a baby pit and lab mix. I had my heart set on getting a pug, but I’m not so sure after playing with the beautiful labs. We also had a horrible meal at one of the Waffle House locations; I’ve never really had a horrible experience at a Waffle House, but my hash browns were literally noodles. During The Pink Bride, I pretended to be engaged, which I think some people saw right through because they asked me when the big day was, and I did not have an answer. Honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t get kicked out. The bridal fashion show was great; the little boys were adorable and definitely stole the show. Next time I go, I will honestly be engaged but going definitely helped me figure out a couple of things I wanted for my big day.
I tried to get pictures of some of the dresses, but that was a fail. I know I want pockets, for sure. I also want a train, a very noticeable train, and lace. For now, I think I want sleeves; my bust isn’t right for a strapless dress.
I want gradient roses cascading (I think that’s the right word) down the side of the cake. I also want there to be cupcakes with the roses on top. I think I want them to somehow be the bottom layer, but I’m not sure. It would kind of be a combination of these three cakes.

IMG-0975 IMG-0977 IMG-0976

I decided to get Doritos from the vending machine in the middle of the night (like 11:30pm) and do not regret it all. It made me really happy.

aka Valentine’s Day
It was a very intense day of productivity. Fortunately, the mail managed to get Maria the Valentine’s Day card I sent delivered on the actual day. To “celebrate” Valentine’s Day, I went with a group of friends to see The Greatest Showman (again). Beforehand, we kind of explored the strip of stores and restaurants around the theater (though my mind was focused on using the bathroom). Either way, I had a ton of fun, and it was my first time going to a theater with reclining chairs, which made the day even better.

After a very long day where a couple of tears were shed (out of stress and frustration), I rode in my first Uber. He was kind but also kind of weird but easy to talk to but also reeked of cigarette smoke; it was a very interesting 4-minute ride, to say the least. It was only four minutes because I needed to get downtown, which is right next to campus, but it was dark and walking wasn’t going to happen. I needed to get downtown because I signed up to model for someone’s portraiture study, which is not something I would normally do; I went out of my comfort zone, and I don’t regret it. Before we started, I waited for him at a local, super chill coffee shop/cafĂ©/book store and heard a spoken word about dairy. Anyway, for the photo shoot, he told me to be myself, which I did, and it was very fun… until the awkward ending.

That’s pretty much been my February so far, besides the homework and projects and exams/quizzes. I hope there are many more months like this one.


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