I repeat, the hiatus is not for this blog.

Where some YouTubers don’t upload for a week or a month or a couple of months, I am taking a six month break from YouTube.

About January of 2015, all of my YouTube videos were deleted from my channel, and I didn’t upload for months– not until August of that year. Well, that “break” (though I think  of it as a disappearance) was out of my control and not really my decision. This break, however, is my choice.

I’m honestly getting teary-eyed writing this. I need to breathe. 🤧

Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a weird funk. This semester has been very draining and demanding and headachy, and I’m trying REALLY hard to stay motivated and not procrastinate. In a way, the semester is going by fast, but I’m struggling with keeping up, if that makes sense. I also just need to work on my personal life, including getting rid of a crush on someone I shouldn’t be having a crush on; there’s always something going on in my personal life that has the potential to bring me down. I need to get my health and myself together. On my channel, I feel like I haven’t been one thousand percent authentic and who I really am. I feel like my videos have become very boring and stale and don’t portray the crazy, beautiful person I am.

Not knowing a videographer on campus (who doesn’t require pay), not being able to drive off campus whenever I want, and sleeping on an uncomfortable bed in a dorm with an annoying neighbor certainly doesn’t help.

I’m going to take these six months to get my ish together. I’m going to finish out this semester strong… with a GPA that doesn’t suck. Over these six months, I am going to gain A BUNCH of inspiration and will create/become an even more amazing Jamilah.

Honestly, it’s really hard going on this break, but I know it’s something that needs to be done; I am very excited to see what this will do for my channel and the amazing, beautiful people who watch my videos.

I will start uploading again around the time of Labor Day; that is a PROMISE.

I’m living my best life, but I haven’t been my best self lately. It’s time to fix that.


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