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I Am A Writer

March 25, 2018

This is something I’ve always denied… until two days ago.

It didn’t really hit until I went to a meeting with an advisor/supervisor/man (I don’t know the correct term) of a mentoring club I’m in. Since it’s my first year in college, there is a mentoring club where freshmen/incoming students are mentored by upperclassmen, and our academic and campus life progress is tracked. During midterm time, we have to meet with our club supervisor advisor person about our progress. Last semester, I got a long lecture about the “D” I had in psychology; good thing I brought it up to a “B-“, which I am very proud of and worked very hard for.

Side note: the meeting with my advisor supervisor person was only supposed to last thirty minutes. Well, it ended up lasting over two hours, and I missed my evening class– the class I have an exam for tomorrow.

Anyway, during the meeting, I talked about how I’ve BSed the past couple of essays for my British literature class and completed them the day they were due and got an “A” on them. I also talked about learning a new way to sketch and struggling with it; I’ve always sketched and doodled, but the technique I’m learning is a bit harder and more restricting. It’s especially hard because my teacher is left-handed, and I am right-handed; everything has to be done in reverse. After talking about these struggles, he said (more like mumbled, but I still heard it), “An artist and a writer.”

When I really thought about it, the ability to come up with a bunch of hoobaloo and get a good grade says something about one’s ability to write. If I had taken more time with Amethyst, it probably would’ve been a lot better than it is. *shrugs* Everything happens for a reason. I’ve always liked writing, ever since I had to do short stories in third grade, and that’s a passion I haven’t lost.

Accomplishing one fictional work (no matter how cringe-worthy), working on a book series, and working on a nonfictional book about how I’ve survived life so far is what I would consider an author. However, BSing a 1,000-word essay and getting an A, creating and writing blog posts (that I sometimes feel insecure about), writing songs, writing poems, writing scripts, and editing other people’s essays/works makes me a writer.

At least, that’s what I think.

“Writer” is such general term.

I could say I’m an author, a blogger, screenwriter, songwriter, poet, scholar/future interior designer, editor, vlogger, and YouTuber.

Speaking of “blogger,” another quick side note.

I took an online quiz (because I’ve been into those lately, for some reason) to see what kind of blog the website thought I should have. *shrugs* I was just curious. The website was This was the result:


That’s pretty much what this is. I guess the results were confirmation. *shrugs*

The website also said:

“You are multifaceted, just like your future blog. You would enjoy blogging about a myriad of subjects and have many passions. That means you might blog about your life, beauty, fashion, baking, adventure, travel, etc. The best part is that there are TONS of bloggers who have turned their personal lifestyle blog into a full-time career!

[PRO TIP: Your domain should have your name in it. Use either your full name like or something you enjoy like]”

I don’t really care about the whole “full-time career” part, but everything else is accurate.

To keep it short, I’m going to stick with saying I am a writer, student, and YouTuber.

I am a writer.

That’s such a beautiful revelation that no one’s going to take from me.

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    March 30, 2018 at 12:54 am

    I’ve known for a long time I’ve had it in me to write. I guess my biggest obstacle to doing it more actively in a public way is a level of perfectionism I didn’t realize I had. When I talk to others with an inclination for writing; this seems to be common. When it comes to writing, there is probably always something we can edit to improve upon.

    For close to nine years, I used to write in these interactive story writing boards on a website called gaia online. Most people just call it role playing, but intensive literate roleplays really boil down to a form of interactive fiction writing between collaborative authors. It really is to not purpose for personal entertainment. After so long of doing that though, it makes you realize that is passion on some level.

    Yet when I try to work on actual story writing by myself; I fumble with my motivation.

    “An Artist and a writer” I find creative people tend to dabble in lots of creative activities. Even though I am not great with drawing; for years I was dabbling with digital coloring with my usb tablet and photoshop.

    We can always be anything we want. Not just limited to one thing. Hurrah for people who don’t just fit neatly into the little boxes and molds others expect us to.

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