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It’s Finally Over!!!

Literally two days ago, I took two final exams and finished my first year of college, and I couldn’t be more ECSTATIC!! So much happened since I first arrived on campus; things happened that I never imagined possible and filled me with so much joy. There were also moments that were a complete pain in my rear end, but I’ll get into a lot more detail about everything when I return from my YouTube hiatus; it’d be a lot easier to say than type, in all honesty.

For the time being, I decided to cover some of the more general moments, more like eras, of my first year of college through the use of songs, if that makes any sense. Some of the lyrics in a song, whether it be the title or a verse or the chorus or the entire thing, perfectly describe how I felt during the time periods.

*warning: some of the songs and music videos have explicit lyrics/content

when my roommate stopped talking to me and ish hit the fan…

Song: “F.F.F.” by Bebe Rexha ft. G-Eazy
*My ex-roommate and I used to have a mutual friend, who also stopped talking to me, and whenever I knew they were in the common area, I would leave a small crack in my bedroom door and blast this song.

when I “relapsed” and started feeling bad and thinking negative things about myself…

Song: “Black & Ugly” by Rapsody

Song: “Sassy” by Rapsody

when I had a minor, 10-day crush…

Song: “The Sound” by The 1975

Song: “On My Mind” by Jorja Smith x Preditah

when I started getting stuck in my head…

Song: “Scream It Out” by Ellie Goulding

Song: “lovely” by Billie Eilish (with Khalid)

when I had bad days…

Song: “Call My Dad” by AJR

when the friends I had all year stopped hanging out with me and only talked to me when they needed something…

Song: “Everybody Hates Me” by The Chainsmokers

Song: “Myself” by Bazzi

when I needed to fill the silence and get rid of the lonely feeling…

Song: “From Now On” by The Greatest Showman cast/Hugh Jackman (?)

Song: “This Is Me” by Keala Settle/The Greatest Showman cast (?)
*Honestly, the entire soundtrack from The Greatest Showman

Song: “Django Jane” by Janelle Monáe

when I needed to get “hype” and gain some sort of energy…

Song: “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons

Song: “No Name” by NF
*The beat and how he pretty much snaps in this song is what gets me hype and gives me the energy. The lyrics/message, which I absolutely love, don’t really do that for me.

when April 26th was the last day of classes for the semester and I was ready to get back to Nashville…

Song: “Home” by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors, & Bebe Rexha

when I started envisioning my future and realized what I’ve gone through/what I go through is shaping me for greater…

Song: “Higher” by The Score

Song: “Glorious” by Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey

Song: “Worry No More” by Diplo ft. Lil Yachty & Santigold

Song: “Legendary” by Welshly Arms

These are just a few of the moments/eras from my first year and just a few songs for each; there are honestly so many more songs I could add. If you are more of a Spotify playlist person, you can click here to check out the playlist I made for this post: my freshman year.

Though this year presented many joys and TONS of challenges, I wouldn’t change anything about it. What I experienced helped me grow as a person, and I am beyond grateful for that.

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