WHY “It’s Milah?”

Hey, It’s Milah, and thank you for clicking on this video. I mean, blog post.

If you’ve been reading a few of my articles/blog posts (not sure what the correct term is), especially the one titled A Six-Month Hiatus, you would know that I am an extremely small (but extremely passionate) small YouTuber with just over 400 subscribers.

My channel is called It’s Milah, and I’ve been active for almost three years. I’ve been on a super long hiatus since March and am definitely planning on returning the week of Labor Day. Part of the reason behind the hiatus was me losing inspiration and not being happy with myself in my videos (Is that grammatically correct?). I don’t want to get into too much detail about it right now, but you can read more on A Six-Month Hiatus.

I started college August of last year and was sooo excited about making videos in college, but that excitement died kind of quickly. I became very scared of being judged and ridiculed for my channel; however, I didn’t stop filming. I definitely stopped being myself, and I am not happy with myself for doing that. Instead of being “It’s Milah,” my channel turned into “It’s Somebody Else.” I think the last video I made where I was a hundred percent Jamilah and completely satisfied with a video was A Non-Beauty Guru Attempts a Face Full of Makeup Using Online Products. That was an entire year ago, and I have definitely changed since then (but in the best way possible).

As soon as I took the break, I started having withdrawals and got really sad, but I knew it was something that needed to be done. I’ve definitely gained inspiration over the past few months. There are some songs I’ve listened to constantly that have inspired me tremendously (“Vacation” by Dirty Heads, “All I Have” by NF, “Believe” by The Score).

Recently, I asked myself “Why would I give my channel, that I love deeply, a very simple and slightly confusing name? Why ‘It’s Milah?'” Whenever the question previously arose, I used to have a crappy explanation about it being half of  my first name or five out of seven letters of my name. Now, I know the real reason. I wanted (and still want) my channel to be a place for people to be who they are and who they want to be, whether it be boring, adventurous, outgoing, shy, confident, etc. “It’s Milah” is (hopefully) a place for people to be inspired and uplifted.

Then I decided to ask myself what I wanted people to get from my channel, and I immediately realized that I wanted people to feel good. I want people to look at my channel and feel good and know they’re not alone in any situation and believe everything will be alright.

One thing I’ve come to realize over the past few months is that my channel doesn’t belong to a certain category, at least in my opinion. I’m not a beauty guru; it’s not a cooking channel nor a gaming channel. I’m not into “Expectations vs. Reality” and “What I Eat in a Day” videos. Following the trending videos isn’t my thing; “Instagram Followers Control My Day” was a recent one, and I’m just not into it. The videos on my channel are just me being me, so I think the name “It’s Milah” really suits it; it’s very straightforward.

I am itching to get back filming and editing; there are an overwhelming amount of video ideas in my head, and I love it. I’m ready to come back with confidence, bravery, and boldness (CBB).


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