She’s The Girl Who

October 21, 2018

She’s the girl who…
Overanalyzes and overthinks.
Watches people to see who judges.
Gets stuck in her head way too much
And shrivels in disgust with some people’s touch.
Removes herself from toxic people and situations.
Won’t give you a second glance once you hurt her
And doesn’t have time to hold a grudge.
Refuses to let her past determine her future.
She’s trying to live her best life.

She’s the girl who…
Eats because she likes (some) food.
Reads to escape.
Writes to find solace.
Films to be happy.
Works out to feel good.
Explores to find what’s real.
Designs to express herself.
Sometimes stresses about not stressing.
Relies on music to stay calm.
Inspires and aspires.
She’s busy but never too busy for company.

She’s the girl who…
Often walks around with an RBF
But exemplifies beauty.
Has made her mistakes.
Has her flaws and imperfections.
Shows everyone who’s boss.
Aims to be her own boss.
Is super confident but has her insecurities.
Doesn’t have time to be fake
And be around negative, fake people.
She values herself.

She’s the girl who…
Prefers positive, good vibes.
Strives to conquer darkness with light.
Gives back in whatever way she can.
Would do anything to get rid of someone else’s anger or sadness.
Cares about the success of the next generation.
Tries to be kind to everything and everyone.
Fights for love, loves instead of hates,
And fights for what she believes is right.
She’s more caring and supportive than anyone will ever know.

She’s the girl who…
Is looking at the glass half full.
Is putting the pieces back together.
Is still growing.
Is still finding herself.
Is learning in all aspects of life.
Is kicking adulting’s butt.
Is becoming the woman she needed when she was younger.
Is determined to live the life of her dreams.
She’s me.

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