New Songs I Discovered Thanks To Bonnaroo

On January 8, 2019, we were blessed with Bonnaroo’s 2019 lineup.

If all works out, and I’m praying it does, I will make it to Bonnaroo this year. I’ve never been to a music festival, and this is the perfect time for me to go before the real adulting begins (internships, buying a car, etc.). I live in the same state as Bonnaroo, so it only makes sense to make it the first music festival I attend. Plus, it is literally the weekend before my twentieth birthday.

Anyway, among all the excitement, my friend told me I should listen to everyone on the lineup to figure out who I am most excited about seeing (there are 37 artists/bands on the list I created). After spending over thirteen hours of my life listening to songs from every single person on the lineup, I found some songs I had never heard before and really love and wanted to share.

Feel free to join me in this jam session.


This is exactly the kind of dance track I like to listen to. I can imagine them performing this live and how alive the audience will be.

2. “Ain’t No Man” by The Avett Brothers

This is the first track on their album True Sadness, which I will get around to listening to one day. There’s something about this song I really like, and I can’t put my finger on it. When I figure it out, I’ll let ya know.

3. “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This” by The Soul Rebels

I am a goner for brass instruments and the drums. Those two are the (musical) key to my heart. I can’t believe I’m just now discovering The Soul Rebels. Now that I know who they are, I won’t forget them. This isn’t everyone’s taste of music, but it is for sure my kind of music.

4. “Daydream” by Medasin, Joba

This is exactly my kind of chill music. Every time I hear it, my hips sway; it’s almost like I can feel this song, like it’s a person. Does that make sense? I feel like that sounds weird.

5. “Chasing Light” by MEMBA, Mothica

Not only do I like the lyrics of this song, but I also like the vibe of it. It sounds like the type of music I listen to on a daily basis.


This has a different vibe compared to the previous one (yet it sounds kind of the same), but it’s also the kind of song I would listen to on the daily (not lyrically).

7. “Run Deep” by Deva Mahal, Coco Peila

This song is a big fat YES in my book. First off, I feel empowered as heck when I hear this song. Secondly, her voice is so beautiful and soulful and makes my ears happy. The entire thing is just… UGH. There are so many great things to say about it that I’m literally speechless. I am so excited to hear this album, Run Deep, live; I promise to listen to it before Bonnaroo (someone hold me to that).

8. “Good Times Roll” by GRiZ, Big Gigantic

Another album I need to be held accountable for listening to is GRiZ’s Good Will Prevail (which it will). Technically, this song is not new to me; I’ve heard it on TV somewhere but didn’t know the artist. I am PUMPED to see them live. I hope they kill it (in a good way). If the crowd is dead, you’ll see me screaming my lungs out and dancing like I have no sense. This is exactly my kind of music.

9. “Your Shirt” by Chelsea Cutler

Even though this song makes me realize how single I am, I really like it. Again, there’s something about it that I really like but can’t quite put my finger on.

Those are all the songs the Bonnaroo lineup got me hooked on. Have you heard of any of the artists above?Are you planning on participating in music festival season?


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