The Purge

This is kind of a misleading title. It has nothing to do with the movie; I apologize if that’s what you thought this was about.

Anyway, one of my goals for the new year was to clean house and get rid of a bunch of stuff I don’t want nor need, which I call “The Purge.” Well, upon my first week back for the semester, The Purge took place.

*all the before pictures are the state I left my room in before going on winter break*


Before: For some odd reason, I left my bed unfinished. Like, I started making it up, but I guess I never got done. Anyway, I had a collage wall above my bed and took down most of it before taking this picture. I kept up the ones that were not going to be moved.

After: I brought back a full-size yellow comforter and kind of turned it into an XL twin-size comforter. I flipped over the pillow that had the pink pattern from the Before comforter to show the navy blue side. I replaced the pillow in the brown pillowcase (which has nothing to do with redecorating, but I sleep better now). I changed the collage wall to make it more me and kept the same throw pillows and blanket.

There are some drawings my younger sister did of Pluto, Ferb, and a pineapple. The Disney characters are a couple of my favorite Disney characters (I miss Phineas & Ferb), and the pineapple makes me think of my sister because, at one point in her life, she liked pineapples. The word “determined” is the word my counselor used to describe me as I was going through the counseling process to better my mental health. The calendar on the left has pictures of my cousin, sister, and I, which we got done at Portrait Innovations. The comic book is an Avengers comic book because I love Marvel. The ten small pictures are from different memorable times in my life. The dreamcatcher is a souvenir my close friend got me from her trip to Mexico. There is another picture of my sister, cousin, and I (my cousin is like another sister to us). There is a Doug the Pug calendar because I love Doug the Pug… simple as that. Lastly, there is a quote by Will Smith (who I am a huge fan of; honestly, I love the entire Smith family) that says, “Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing, & work hard.” My sister found that quote.


Before: The large empty space used to have a whiteboard calendar with a small corkboard, but I took it down when it started cutting me. I randomly placed my comic books on top of the calendar, but they looked weird. There was a bunch of negative space around the red sign that says “milah.” Overall, there was just a lot of junk on my desk, like a mini deodorant and dried out highlighters.

After: I got rid of the comic books above the calendar. I put one above the “milah” sign and added three more small pictures below it of a quote and pictures from the town my campus is in. I got a new calendar from Target for $3 in the dollar section. The letterboard and wire grid below the calendar both came from Five Below. I forgot to capture it, but I got rid of all the junk that was on the desk. I also took my office supplies out of my desk drawer and put it on my actual desk to get more use out of them.


Before: There are two full bottles of Coca-Cola our school gave out my freshman year because they sponsored our school at the time. There were also three used bottles (2 Dr. Enuf, 1 Coca-Cola) that had fake flowers from the Dollar Tree. There was also an old camera and dog collar from when my grandparent’s dog died (I was super attached to Rocky). There were also two pictures of me with some of my family members.

After: Sorry the after picture is only of a plant, but not much changed on the window sill. All the Coca-Cola bottles were tossed, and the old camera was moved. The yellow flowers were divided between the two Dr. Enuf bottles with the navy blue flowers. The yellow flowers in the middle were replaced with a live cactus (that is currently dying somehow; it’s like growing and dying at the same time; is that normal?) that I named Pax, which means “peace.” Sometimes I talk to Pax; that’s where I’m at in life.


Before: There was an empty space above my mirror, and it looks weird with the placement of the fire alarm.

After: I put 4 Polaroid pictures of myself on both sides of a quote that says “You are a Magnificent Beast,” which is one of my favorite quotes from Sierra Burgess is a Loser. Every day since I’ve put that up there, I look in the mirror and say that exact quote to myself. It makes me feel better about myself and serves as a positive affirmation.


Before: This is not how I left my closet before the break. For Christmas, and just over the break in general, I got a lot of clothes, and this is what my closet looked like after I unpacked everything. The duffel bag stuffed with clothes and piles of shoes next to my laundry hamper isn’t pictured but are definitely there.

After: I ended up with a lot of extra hangers left. I moved my robe (under the gray hoodie in the far right of the Before picture) to the back of my bedroom door and made more space on my clothing rack by moving my coats to the back of my closet door. I also just got rid of a lot of clothes.

The main way I cleaned house was by getting rid of a bunch of stuff. I ended up having a gallon-size black trash bag full of trash to throw away and two large bags of items to sell when I was finished with everything (one of the bags ripped because it was so full). If you want to check out what I’m selling, I sell everything on my Mercari account. Things are selling fast.

If you’re more into before and after videos without having to read (even though you might be reading this sentence), here is a before and after video I created.

*The Before footage was right before I started taking down the collage wall and calendar and junked up my room*

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