I Also Have A Dream

On January 15, 2019, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have turned ninety years old. January 21st of this year is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the day we honor the memorable minister and activist. Though, my college campus is celebrating him all week.

I wanted to do my part in celebrating and honoring Dr. King, so I decided to write my own version of his well-known “I Have a Dream” speech. (Mine is not six pages, I promise).

If you want to listen to the audio while you read, now would be a good time to press PLAY.

“I am fortunate to have access to a platform where I can speak my mind and say my piece; I reside in a nation that’s divided in numerous ways. As a nation, we’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. Everyone wonders why I don’t want to have children, and I always say it’s because the actual act of giving birth disgusts me, which is very correct, but there is a bigger reason. I don’t want to bring my kids into this descending country.

The Civil Rights Movement is not over. It’s still going on, but we now must include the Me Too Movement and Time’s Up Movement and many more in our fight for justice and equality.

A large figure for the Civil Rights Movement is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and he had a dream. Well, like him, I also have a dream. I have a dream that Dr. King’s dream comes true.

I also have a dream that every victim of sexual assault will receive justice. Every victim of sex trafficking will be rescued and reaccepted into society without issue. Every victim of domestic violence will receive justice.

I have a dream that the people of the LGBTQ+ community will stop committing suicide because they feel unwanted. We will build each other up and accept everyone for who they are. We will accept them for their souls and morals and personalities and bodies. People will focus on what’s on the inside instead of the outside. No more fat-shaming and telling people to consider eating disorders because they don’t look like you. No more bullying and killing and sending people away because they aren’t you and don’t match your morals. No more.

I dream of living in a nation where racism loses its prominence and exists no more. We should not still be undergoing segregation and discrimination because we all don’t look the same. I thought this nation was a melting pot.

I have a dream that people of the same race, religion, and so on will stop turning against each other. No more black-on-black crime and putting others down because they do not worship your god/God the same way.

I dream that our government and society will give everyone equal rights and equal opportunity for correct justice. No more racial injustice in the court systems. No more irrational sentences and bail based on sex and race.

I have a dream that people won’t lose loved ones because of senseless gun violence. I want to wake up and not have to worry about if my younger brothers and sisters and cousins will make it home after school. I don’t want to have to constantly think about if the last thing I say to someone I love is my last words.

I dream that we will care for our planet because who knows how long it’ll be able to keep us. Our wildlife will have a reliable home instead of risking their lives crossing the road and rummaging through our trash to find something to eat for survival. We will find more innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and save animals’ lives.

I have a dream that I will reside in a nation where we can have differing views, opinions, religions, etc., but we will still stand as a united nation. We will rid these states of corruption, including in our leadership.

I have a dream of living out my dreams and watching my dreams and King’s dreams come to fruition.

At the end of MLK’s speech, he repeats ‘Let freedom ring.’ I dream of freedom for every single person in this nation, but how dare we sing ‘land of the free’ when not one of us is truly free?”


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