Egg-cellent Eggs

I know this is a very cheesy title that is often used for bad jokes, but I have reasons for titling it this:
1. I like cheesy, punny things.
2. I like alliteration.
3. These eggs are quite excellent.

Anywho, I really wanted to share my favorite scrambled eggs recipe with you. I’m not sure how healthy it is because I love cheese in my eggs, but eggs are protein; I always tell myself that to make myself feel better about adding cheese to them. However, I know for a fact it’s a super easy, quick recipe, especially if you already know how to scramble eggs.

*Per usual disclaimer, I’m sorry if the pictures are not of the greatest quality. We don’t have the greatest lighting in our common area, and sometimes it makes it difficult for my camera to focus properly.

Makes: 1 serving

Two egg yolks
Three egg whites (don’t worry; my roommate uses the third egg yolk for a cake she bakes)
1/2 teaspoon parsley
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 cup cheddar cheese

Non-stick skillet (if you decide to use a regular skillet, coat it lightly with non-stick cooking spray)

1. Combine garlic powder, parsley, egg yolks, egg whites, and 1/4 cup of cheese into the cup.

2. Beat the ingredients in the cup with a fork. I like to use a cup instead of a bowl because it ensures the ingredients are being blended better.

3. Turn the stove on medium-high heat. For my particular stove, it was the number 5. (Please ignore how dirty our stove/oven is; that’s not my responsibility).

4. Scramble the eggs in the skillet with the spatula.

5. OPTIONAL: Top the eggs with the rest of the cheese and indulge when the cheese is melted.

That’s it! These eggs are so amazing and just mmmmmm (I hope you know what I mean). I decided to eat my eggs with a side of apple sauce because that’s what I did at my grandmother’s house when I was younger; it brought back memories, but I can assure you the eggs can fill you up all on their own.

I just realized this is the second recipe I’ve done that involves eggs.


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