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January 31, 2019

I am beyond excited about sharing this with you; this is me right now:

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As a semi-new blogger, I’ve read many blogs to explore the genius minds of fellow creatives. Amongst the multitude of blogs I read when I had a few minutes to spare, I found amaaaazing (multiple a’s necessary) blogs worth sharing. Each of them is unique in their own way, and each of them inspires me to be a better writer and a better person. To make it better, each of these was created by a woman.

These are my absolute favorite blogs to read; if you’re not following them, you need to. Also, if you have a blog you want to promote or recommend I (or another avid blog reader) check out, comment it below. I’m always down to check out articles by other creatives.

Let’s get into it because I’m not the most amazing at introductions, and I’m ready to share.


Honestly, I’m not sure if this is technically a blog because it is “an online and print magazine written by women of colour and non binary people of colour for all to explore” (according to their website; the WordPress premium plan won’t let me correctly add references, so this is as good as it gets). For the sake of being in love with it and wanting to talk about it with someone, I had to add it to this list. Moving on, gal-dem was founded by the inspiring Liv Little in September 2015; after experiencing her own frustrations with lack of diversity (relatable), she created a beautiful community/empire. Every article blows my mind in the best way possible. I always discover new things on this site, such as music, which I’m always down to discover. The articles are very thought-provoking and provide an interesting perspective on several topics. I feel extremely empowered and inspired every time I’m on gal-dem’s site, especially as a young African-American woman. My goal is to get a gal-dem shirt and rep this amazing company because everyone needs to know who they are and what they’re about.
Article that really got me hooked (besides the title of every article on the home page that I eventually read): “gal-dem’s favourite albums of 2018
Check it out:

Sometimes I feel weird about sharing my thoughts and opinions openly online, but reading her articles make realize it’s okay. Below her title, it says “Welcome to my outlet,” and I genuinely feel like it’s an outlet; I love that this website exists. It’s a fairly new website with the first article being “Welcome x” coming out on October 6, 2018. Every article speaks to me in a different way and evokes some sort of emotion, whether it be happiness or longing. Her article titled “Relationships” spoke to my single Pringle soul and somehow made me feel very content; I also really love her article titled “Him,” which made me feel hopeful in a way. Honestly, every single article is truly amazing and worth reading.
Article that made me hit the Follow button (besides the others): “Comparison
Check it out:

I just have to say the logo is gorgeous and creative and amazing, and the actual site is simple in the most beautiful way. Faves and Flatlays is run by a beautiful woman named Britt. This site hardcore speaks to the wannabe fashion blogger deep inside me. Stumbling upon this blog sparked the light in me that was dulling when it comes to style/fashion inspiration and understanding (I hope that sentence made sense; sometimes I struggle with wording things in a way for everyone to understand). The way she describes each outfit is beautifully written and not the least bit lengthy. As someone who doesn’t excel at describing certain things, the way she writes inspires me.
Article that made me keep returning (also the very first article that I read): “Outfit of The Day – January 25
Check it out:

This one speaks to the music lover, inexperienced concert goer in me (I’ve only ever been to two concerts, and those were during May and June of last year). The Concert Diary was created by a wonderful woman named Rachel during her freshman year of college. Every time I read one of her articles, I’m taken to another place — a better place; the way she writes makes me feel like I’m at the concert too. Her article “Drake + Migos: Aubrey & The Three Amigos Tour” made me want to see a Drake concert live, which is a thought I never thought I’d have. Because of this blog, I have discovered (and fell in love with) new artists, which as I kind of stated earlier — I love doing. If you love music, you’ll love The Concert Diary. Promise.
Article that made me subscribe instantly: “Harry Styles: Live on Tour
Check it out:

I have one word: aesthetic. Every article she’s written is aesthetically pleasing. “She” being Elif Filyos Tezer, the creator of The Fashion Medley. Her story inspires me beyond belief and gives me hope for my future. She went from being a lawyer to a blogger; she literally turned her hobby into her career (goals!!!). She truly is an inspiration, and I’m not the only who thinks so; The Fashion Medley has amassed over twenty-two thousand subscribers (again, goals). Her style is so unique but not in a trashy way; she owns what she wears, and that’s truly inspiring and kind of empowering. She also has spectacular photography skills, and I love reading her opinions and perspectives on different fashion events and trends. To keep it simple, I just love it.
Article that hooked me in and made me check out every other article: “Best Street Style Looks of Paris Couture Spring 2018
Check it out:

Mom blogger inspiration, even though I’m nowhere near being a mom. She is my most recent discovery, and everything about her site is aesthetically pleasing. As you can probably guess, Stylin by Aylin is created by the fantastic Aylin (pronounced eye-lin). The biggest thing that inspired me and made me fall in love with Stylin by Aylin is her story. Long story short, she went from working in interior design (which is my major) to becoming a fashion and style blogger and essentially creating a brand (She has an app!!). However, before she got to this point, she had to go through a challenging time. Her going through a challenging time and coming out on top inspires me and encourages me as I go through my challenging time.
Article that sold me: “Stylin’ Behind the Scenes
Check it out:

I don’t know if I’ve ever expressed this on here, but I love The Golden Girls… almost to the point where it can be deemed unhealthy; I have late nights in college to thank for that. When I went back to Nashville this past winter break, I watched The Fighting Temptations, and when my brain finally registered Rue McClanahan was in it (after all these years), I rewatched it just to look at her. I feel like that sounds semi-creep, but we’ll just move on. This amazing website was created by the equally amazing Claire, and I’m so happy she created it. This site combines my love for fashion and love for The Golden Girls, and I’m here for it. This keeps the legacy of The Golden Girls alive in a unique and interesting way.
I kind of chose random articles to read because I was just too excited about the site simply existing. The first article I read was “Something of a Catastrophe,” and I immediately fell in love.
Check it out:

To sum this all up, I just want to say thank you. Thank you to you, the reader, for reading this, and thank you to the creators of all the sites listed for using your platform to inspire not only me but a multitude of men and women around the world.

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