“Two Types of Spring” Outfits

February 25, 2019

The groundhog saw his shadow, which means an early spring. I’m not ready.

Side note: I unintentionally took a week off from writing and hated it. There were a lot of sleepless nights because I got hit with a lot of school work that was due, and it wasn’t the easy stuff like coloring. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

Anyway, where I live, spring is either an extension of winter or an early summer (either way, there’s an intense amount of pollen), which is where the “Two Types of Spring” comes into play. I’m not sure what this spring has in store; after a week of rain and warmth, we’re predicted to have snow next week. There are also days where the day will start off very cold and end very warm, like dripping in sweat instantly warm.

To accommodate this weather, I have accumulated two variations of four outfits (essentially eight outfits) for the upcoming spring season, whether it’s a spring that feels like summer or winter.


All of these pictures will have the same background. I don’t know any local photographers that can take pictures of me; there aren’t many in my region. I also don’t feel safe enough traveling around downtown alone taking pictures of myself– it’s less a matter of nervousness and more a matter of safety. I took all of these pictures in the same, most photogenic corner of my dorm room; it’s the same corner I use for most of my Instagram pictures.


These outfits are centered around a Minnie Mouse bodysuit I bought from the clearance rack at JCPenney last year. The outfit is based off the colors and vibes of the bodysuit.

*Please ignore the stain on the bodysuit. I keep forgetting to put stain remover on it when I wash it.

Winter: What makes this outfit super winter-y are the layers and the addition of the faux wool jacket.

Summer: I ditched the wool jacket and tied the flannel around my waist, but I tied the flannel on the side because I thought it looked more unconventional I guess.

Details: Jacket is from Zaful. I have no clue where the jeans are from. The flannel is from Goodwill. Bodysuit is from JCPenney. Gold bar pendant is from SheIn.


I honestly didn’t know what to title this one. The colors of the outfit are yellow and purple like the Lakers, but I feel like the addition of the black and white striped shirt adds low key skater vibes.

Winter: Again, the outfit is essentially winter because it is layered. Also, both shirts are cotton, which brings more warmth.

Summer: It was really easy; I just got rid of the yellow shirt underneath. (side note: that dark spot on the side of my face forms when I smile sometimes; I don’t think my face is even toned, if that makes sense)

Details: Yellow shirt is from Forever 21. I have no idea where the purple jeans are from. Black and white striped t-shirt is from SheIn. Pearl earrings are from The Unclaimed Baggage Center. Turquoise earrings were made by a family friend.


This is all about scarves. Scarves are really great for the spring, especially for those days that start cold and end warm. They are also a great statement accessory if you don’t want to deal with earrings or necklaces or stuff like that.

Winter: The heavy scarf and faux wool jacket are what makes this outfit winter. As soon as I put this outfit on, I warmed up.

Summer: I took off the jacket and switched the thicker scarf for a thinner scarf. Also, I low key look like a creep?

Details: I have no clue where the jeans and yellow scarf are from. Jacket is from Zaful. Navy scarf is from Michael’s (surprisingly). White shirt and gold hoops are from Forever 21.

There was a good song playing.


This outfit is focused on primary colors. There’s not much else to say.

Winter: This is where you see every primary color, and the winter-y look is again present via the layers.

Summer: I ditched the long sleeve shirt and only buttoned three buttons to allow air for when it gets really hots. I also tucked in part of the shirt, which is something I didn’t know I loved until I did it. Also, I feel like patchwork jeans add a low key summer/spring vibe to the outfit.

Details: Yellow shirt is from Forever 21. Red shirt is from Goodwill. Ripped Rose jeans are from Belk. Gold hoops are from Forever 21. Silver necklace is from SheIn.

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