Nail Color Affects Your Mood?

Warning: We are about to get up close and personal with my hands.

All of summer 2018, I wore the same mauve pink color on my fingernails because it complimented my skin tone and nail shape well, if that makes sense. About a month and a half into the fall semester, I decided to shake things up a bit and paint my fingernails red. When I did that, I felt different. I felt like a girl boss, like I could dominate anything and everything. It was weird, but it sparked an idea– this experiment. Maybe this is just me, but I think the color of your nails affects the way you feel; kind of like when some people see yellow, they feel happy while others might be traumatized (surprisingly enough, I know someone who is traumatized by the color yellow).

RUN DOWN OF THE EXPERIMENT: For about seventeen weeks, I changed the color of my nails eighteen times. I have eighteen bottles of nail polish, hence changing my nail color eighteen times. Each time I changed the color, I documented the initial feelings I had when the paint dried, and most of the time, those feelings stayed.

Side note: none of these nail polishes have names, and I did my best to describe them.


COLOR: A very bright light blue
FEELINGS: I felt eccentric, like I should wear mismatched prints or something along those lines.


COLOR: Weird dark red
FEELINGS: I felt cheap and disposable. Later in the week, I started feeling kind of elderly.


COLOR: Sparkly light pink color
FEELINGS: I felt like a dainty diva. It made me want to be more productive, and I started feeling like the well-known blogger I hope to be.


COLOR: Sparkly metallic silver
FEELINGS: Weirdly enough, I felt dull but also like I had potential whenever my fingers shimmered in light.


COLOR: Bright-ish red with matte finish
FEELINGS: It made me feel powerful, like a total girl boss.


COLOR: Nude, brown color (I don’t really know how you would describe this color)
FEELINGS: I honestly felt like I had my life together for the seven days my nails were painted this color.


COLOR: Dark mauve pink color (I don’t really know)
FEELINGS: This color was very fall-y; I felt like a mature girly girl, if that makes sense.


COLOR: Clear sparkly color
FEELINGS: Two words: fancy shmancy


COLOR: Glossy blue (darker than the first one)
FEELINGS: I felt childish and cheap, like I was going through a weird phase in middle school.


COLOR: Metallic gold
FEELINGS: I felt elderly, like someone’s grandma.


COLOR: Mauve pink
FEELINGS: I felt super put together. Again, I felt like a girl boss but in a classy, not flashy, way.


COLOR: Sparkly pink
FEELINGS: It was too girly for my liking. It felt like I was wearing a DIY project gone wrong. Towards the end of the week, I started feeling like I was attending a special event.


COLOR: Beige, neutral gray-brown
FEELINGS: I felt very plain Jane yet sophisticated.


COLOR: Mustard-y, bright yellow
FEELINGS: No lie, I felt very happy and positive wearing this color. I definitely felt like myself but also felt like a queen.


COLOR: Light, muted pink
FEELINGS: I for sure felt more put together and more adult but still young. I don’t even know if that makes sense. I felt like I could conquer anything and gender norms wouldn’t stop me.


COLOR: Hot pink
FEELINGS: I painted my thumb and knew immediately I didn’t like it. I felt so fake, like a Barbie doll. It definitely wasn’t me.


COLOR: Hot pink with red undertones (I think)
FEELINGS: I felt the same as the previous one but not as intense.


COLOR: Purple
FEELINGS: I felt sophisticated but in a girly way, mature but in a playful way.

These are just my observations and recordings, but I genuinely believe the color of your nails affects the way you feel; you look at your hands more than you think. Do you think the color of your nails affects how you feel, or is this just a me thing?

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