My Zodiac Sign Investment

Remember in “A Letter to My Future Husband” when I wrote “If you’re an Aquarius, that makes me so happy because I called it?” Well, that was a hint to my small belief in the accuracy of zodiac signs.

This belief started in high school. I can’t remember exactly how, but I do remember reading the traits of my sun sign, Gemini, and how my intrigue grew when some of the traits matched my personality. Referring to the previous paragraph, once I realized my sun sign, I was told by various websites and humans that I am most compatible with an Aquarius man.

Anyway, I recently learned the difference between a star sign, moon sign, and rising sign when someone kept asking me what my moon sign is, and by recently, I mean four days ago. Not knowing what the difference was, I googled it, and this is what I stumbled upon:

DIFFERENT SIGNS (via Stars Like You)

  • Sun sign: “describes your personality, what motivates you, who you’re becoming”
  • Moon sign: “describes your instincts and the nature of your emotions; supposed to describe who you already are”
  • Rising sign: “describes the way you project yourself, how others see you, and experiences to make your life meaningful”

After learning about these differing zodiac signs, I started to dive deeper. This is my deep dive. For each sign, I have listed traits I read that I think match my personality or who I am or who I’m becoming or however you want to phrase it. Anyway, let’s dive deep (kind of).



  • “Have their hearts in the right place”
  • “Loves listening to people and learn from them.”
  • “Can act on impulse”
  • “In close relationships, Gemini-born are loyal and faithful”
  • “Prone to anxiety and insomnia” (FACTS)
  • “Stand for equality”
  • “Alert and watchful to the needs of their friendships”
  • “Like to indulge in talking”
  • “Almost uncaring attitude may break up many hearts before they finally settle down” (truth, unfortunately)
  • “Love to listen, to learn and to react”

Me being me, I created a whole Pinterest board dedicated to my star sign of items that I thought described me (I don’t think that was a grammatically correct sentence but oh well), including images like this:

MOON SIGN (via Stars Like You)


  • “Innate need to approach life from a place of fun, passion and creative self-expression.”
  • “When you love, you love intensely.”
  • “You can be counted on for your loyalty and level of support.”
  • “Find your day is more colorful when you have some kind of creative outlet.”
  • “Taking time out for fun and adventure is like medicine for you.” (so is laughter)

RISING SIGN (via ThoughtCo.)


  • “Unable to conform to the particular status quo.”
  • “Defy trends”
  • “Ultimate freedom-lover”
  • “Can be surprisingly wed to your opinion”
  • “Have live and let live attitude”
  • “Can be stubborn in your opinion”
  • “Often see things that others miss”
  • “Can be highly original in your self-expression”
  • “Might also be ejected from jobs unceremoniously, for being unable to walk the straight and narrow.” (makes a lot of sense as to why I was fired without being told “you’re fired”)

Of course, I am more than my zodiac signs. I also probably should have checked more than the above three sites. There’s also the possibility I did all of this wrong.


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