My Three Go-to College Dining Hall Meals

April 20, 2019

*Warning: the food will probably look disgusting, but that’s college cuisine for ya.

I will be the first to say, it has been a week! Even though it was a short week because of the holiday, it was one of the roughest weeks I’ve had to endure this semester. There was one night this week when I only got 20 minutes of sleep, and there was another night when I got 30 minutes of sleep.

I guess college is like that sometimes.

Speaking of college, with only one week left until the semester is over, I find no point in going grocery shopping. Since I’m running out of food in my apartment-style dorm room, I decided to start going to my dining hall more. I don’t go there much because I’d rather eat food I prepare and like than risk eating food that more than likely isn’t cooked fresh.

Anyway, at our dining hall, there are three meals you can count on me eating (besides a salad from our salad bar; I might write something separate about the different kinds of salads I like to make at the bar, but we’ll see).


For the most part, our dining hall is a buffet where you can serve yourself as much food as you want. However, there is one section called “Daily Dish” where the workers serve you, and that is where I go for breakfast. Usually, I tell the worker to give me everything, and everything normally consists of a biscuit (sometimes I ask for two), gravy, potato bits (not sure exactly what these are called), sausage, and eggs.

The biscuits are a definite hit or miss (like most of the other food my dining hall serves). Sometimes they are incredibly soft and melt in your mouth in the best way possible. On other days, like the day this picture was taken, the biscuits are hard as a rock, and the workers smother them in gravy, hoping that will make up for the rock you’ll have to bite into. Also, I’m pretty sure the eggs are instant, powder eggs; flavor does not exist with these eggs. The sausage is for sure frozen sausage; one time I got it, and the middle was still cold. Still, this is the only breakfast meal I eat from my dining hall. Now that I’m writing this out, I should probably start getting cereal.

With every meal, I drink either cranberry juice (which is just water with cranberry flavored syrup) or a mix of Sprite and “grape” Gatorade (which is actually blue raspberry Gatorade; they need to stop labeling it as “grape”).


There is a station in my dining hall for vegans and vegetarians, which is where they serve their “healthy” pasta. However, I’ve had the “unhealthy” pasta before, and they both taste exactly the same. At the station for vegans/vegetarians, there is always a different type of pasta; sometimes there’s bowties, fettuccine, the spirally ones, etc. Then you have the option of tomato sauce or Alfredo sauce. Recently, I’ve been eating the tomato sauce (which I’m not technically supposed to do) because the Alfredo sauce has been having a weird consistency.

The pasta is pretty much drowned in oil; it’s not the most life changing pasta in the world. It lacks a lot of seasoning/flavor, but it does the job of satisfying my stomach.


This is a dish they added this semester. Our hamburger option got replaced with a patty melt, which is pretty much a less crispy version of our grilled cheese sandwiches with the addition of a hamburger patty ( a pre-made, frozen one). This is probably the meal I’ve eaten the most this semester, and I’m pretty sure that’s not healthy for me; still, I have yet to gain the Freshman 15 (even though I’m not a freshman).

This is usually how my plate looks when it comes to the patty melts. I get three or four sandwich triangles and a side of fries; then I find a seat in a corner and watch New Girl while I scarf down my food. The melts have yet to fail me, but sometimes I’m the unfortunate soul who gets the old, cold fries; it’s never fun.

With one week left, these are the three meals I will sparingly eat while also trying to eat everything in my fridge and mini pantry. Then I get to enjoy three and a half months of home cooked meals and real food.

If you think back to your school days, whether kindergarten or college, what was your favorite meal? I’m curious.

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