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2019 Summer Mood Board

May 16, 2019

Depending on where you are in the world (or even in the United States), summer is right around the corner. Here in Tennessee (in the United States), summer is kind of around the corner. Today, the high was 60-something degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s supposed to get up to 90 by Friday or Saturday. I never know what’s going on with Tennessee’s weather; sometimes it feels like summer is coming, and other times, it feels like we are entering autumn.

Anyway, since we are slowly making advances to that summer feeling in my part of Tennessee, I decided to make a mood board for the summer, and I wanted to share it. Below it, there is a brief explanation for each picture.

  • The abundance of books: Easy. There are a few books I want to finish reading before the summer ends.
  • Sunset on the beach: I am traveling to a beach (in a different country) this summer, and the picture of the beach matched the aesthetic of the board.
  • Racist quote: This summer, I definitely want to work on how to handle people who are racist to me. When I’m at school, I deal with quite a bit of racism (this past school year especially), and I want to respond better emotionally. I never verbally retaliate in the moment, but I let my emotions (and sometimes words) fly when I am in a private space.
  • Decorated laptop: This may be dumb, but I really want to personalize my electronics, whether that be my laptop or getting a new phone case and personalizing it. Honestly, I just want my personality to shine more.
  • Body with orange bikini top and two women in yellow bikinis (one of whom I believe is Leigh-Anne from Little Mix): Motivation to keep working out and become healthier, but I also want to fall in love with my rolls again. Once I realized I was going to a couple of places where I had to wear a bathing suit, I started falling out of love with my rolls and stretchmarks.
  • Money: I feel like this is kind of obvious, but I want to make money. Considering all the events happening this summer, payments I have to make, school that will probably need to be paid for, and the fact that I owe someone money, I definitely won’t make as much as what’s pictured. However, I do want to have more money in my bank account; it needs a little bit of help.
  • Hand with rings: This is probably another dumb one, but I absolutely love rings and want to purchase higher quality rings. I’ve already started with a spontaneous purchase I made from Kay Jewelers (which is one of the payments I have to meet).
  • Brown eye: The focus is not the brown eye; the focus is the eyelashes. I want to continue my journey with growing out my eyelashes and training them to curl naturally.
  • Denim shorts with painted pockets: As per usual, I want to experiment with clothing and fashion whenever I get the chance this summer. Also, I want to get comfortable wearing shorts in public again.

That’s it for my 2019 summer mood board! I feel like the more I make and more software I play with, the better I’ll get at making them digitally. Anyway, these are, essentially, my goals for the summer, and I am hoping everything comes to fruition.

Q: What are your goals for the summer? If you’re not experiencing summer, what are your current goals, no matter what season you’re in?

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