June 15, 2019

Is this another Simple Rant related to my retail job? Yes.
It won’t take long; I promise.

Just here me out.

I had an extremely awful day today; most of the badness from the day occurred at work, but some of it occurred outside of work. Therefore, the subject of this rant is people.

Early in my shift, I tried to fix a stapler and accidentally stapled my finger, which was some of the most serious pain I’ve ever felt; that is a testament to how bad my day has been. As I’m typing this, I literally can’t use my pointer finger on my right hand.

Anyway, going back to why today was trash: people.

Normally the rude comments from customers don’t get to me, but they got me today. There came a point where I had to walk to the bathroom at work today and literally cry it out; I couldn’t keep the tears at bay while I was checking people out. Honestly, as I’m typing this, there are tears coming to my eyes. From someone trying to tell me how to do my job in front of my assistant manager to someone literally calling me stupid and a lot worse, I’ve had a bad day.

Some people tried to say the heat outside made the customers rude, but just because it’s hot outside does not mean you have to be a giant jerk. Other people tried to say it’s just the way rich people are, but you can have money and be kind and humble. Money does not mean power; it can all be taken away in the blink of an eye.

As much as I want to change people and make them nicer, I know I can’t.

During my break today, I literally told myself this, “You can’t change people. You can’t stop them from being selfish, talking (more like mumbling) about you, giving you dirt looks.” The sad reality is as much as you want to change people, you just can’t. It’s one of the many reasons why nations become so divided. Why families are divided. Why relationships end. We want to change other people, but we can’t.

Today was rough, and I’m being vague about it because I want to briefly rant about it and put this day behind me.

People are who they are, and unfortunately, some of them are buttholes. Somehow, I attracted all the buttholes today, and even though today was an absolute trash day, I know that I had to face today for a reason. I’m not sure what the reason was, but I know it was a part of God’s plan.

I’m just praying tomorrow is nothing like today.

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