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A New Decade, A New Era

I’m twentyyy. Whaaat.

On this day, June 17th, I was born… but in 1999.

The past twenty years have had stellar moments, but overall, they haven’t been the greatest. All of those not-so-great moments and memories will be put behind me as I enter my twenties.

I have one ultimate goal for my twenties: to thrive!!! For me, thriving is feeling pure joy and happiness 24/7, even on the worst of days and during the most trying of times. I want to feel secure in everything and begin living the life I’ve always dreamed of. Honestly, I just want to live. I’ve been alive for twenty years, but I haven’t really been living.

For this post, I wanted to share all my goals and/or aspirations (?) for my twenties, whether it be physical, materialistic, mental, etc. I know this is kind of far off, but there’s quite a few things I want to accomplish before I turn thirty.

Get a car!!

The need for a vehicle increases with each day that passes. As long as it’s a working vehicle with not too many mechanical issues, I’d love it. Well, I don’t do well with sports cars and large trucks, but besides those two stipulations (I think I used that right), I’m good with anything.

Get new glasses.

I need them. Even with the prescription glasses I have now, my eye sight is getting worse. First, I plan on seeing an optometrist to get a new prescription; then I plan on ordering glasses with my prescription from Warby Parker because I love Warby Parker’s glasses.

Go to a legit therapist

I think it’ll help my journey to better mental health and relieve my brain of its burdens. Talking to a stranger about scarring events of my life from the past eleven years and receiving legitimate help would be so nice. I did counseling in college, which helped a lot, but I’m ready to go to the next level with my mental health.

Take all my individual endeavors to the next level

By “individual endeavors,” I mean this blog and my aspirations of starting some sort of clothing line or clothing business (because I’m genuinely obsessed with all things fashion and style). I want to continue to improve and develop all of my aspirations and take everything I consider a “hobby” to a different, better, level where they’re no longer considered hobbies but don’t lose the funness (?) of them. Does that even make sense? That seemed very word vomit-y.

Go to a wedding

Whether it be my own (hahaha, doubt it) or someone else’s, I really want to go to a wedding where I know the bride and/or the groom. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve attended a wedding, and it’s one of my favorite things to do (I don’t know how weird that sounds, but it’s legit).

Feel secure in all of my non-toxic relationships

Whether it be a friendship or a relationship with a non-toxic family member, there’s some sort of insecurity on my end in literally every relationship I’m in, and I genuinely don’t know why, which goes back to seeing a legit therapist.

Go to an event/conference/convention for bloggers and/or girl bosses

I really want to meet and converse with fellow bloggers and girl bosses. Being in a space filled with fellow bloggers and girl bosses would allow an opportunity of next level inspiration. Maybe I could even make an Internet blogging friend?

Confidently participate in church activities

Fear of judgement and people thinking I only do things/get church responsibilities because I’m a PGK (pastor’s grand kid) stops me from confidently doing things around the church, such as teaching at VBS, which I did for the first time two weeks ago, and it took a lot out of me.

Publish two books

I want to give writing a fictional book another chance (we shall never speak of Amethyst again), but that’ll be the second book I release (hopefully). The first one will be ninety-seven percent non-fictional (that’ll make more sense when we get closer to its release).

Live in my dream condo

If this happens days before I turn thirty, that’ll be perfectly fine with me. I’ve always dreamed of staying in a condo during my twenties; something about that seems so fun to me. I have a whole blog post in mind solely focused on my dream condo.

Take advantage of every opportunity to travel

This is my not-so-basic way of saying I want to travel more.

I think that’s about it for the list of everything I want to accomplish within the next ten years; I’m going to take whatever life throws at me. I’ll take negative situations with a positive outlook; I’ll take advantage of every amazing opportunity that is thrown at me (with a grain of salt, of course, because not everything that seems amazing is actually amazing).

It’s time to thrive. It’s time to live. It’s time for a new era in my life, and I can’t wait to see what it has in store.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to say a quick goodbye to my teenage years.

Q: What was/is the twenties like for you? Do you have any advice? If you haven’t quite reached them, what do you want to accomplish in your twenties?

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  1. Happy Birthday Jamilah. I hope you’ve had a nice day today. These are great goals. I’m in my late twenties but my early twenties were a lot of fun. Looking back I would’ve said yes to different opportunities instead of accepting ones that were safer. I hope this advice helps. Good luck with your endeavors. -Erin

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