A Series of Mirror Selfies

My last blog post was all about my first cruise and a trip to Amber Cove and Grand Turk. This blog post is all about the outfits I wore on that trip… and, with the exception of the first picture, they are all mirror selfies.

Yep, you read that right.

Mirror. Selfies.

I didn’t have anyone to take a picture of my outfits, so I took matters into my own hands and took a picture of everything I wore using a mirror in my cruise’s cabin.

*All sizes are in US sizing.


This is the only one that is not a mirror selfie; my cousin snagged a picture of me while I wasn’t paying attention. Anyway, this was a travel day for us, and since I had to wake up at 2 am that day, the only thing on my mind was comfort.

Imagine Dragons tee: JCPenney (size: medium)
White belt: boohoo
High-waisted, black mom jeans: Tillys (size: 6)


Let the mirror selfies begin. This was a day at sea, so I wanted to wear something super casual since I knew I was just going to be roaming around the boat.

“Sunday Surf Club” tee: Old Navy (size: medium)
Black shorts with the frayed hem: Old Navy (size: 8)


This was Grand Turk day, so I decided to wear my bathing suit as my outfit. I definitely got some looks from people when I walked around the boat that morning, but I didn’t care. As someone who used to care about what everyone thought, not caring showed a serious sign of growth for me.

Orange bikini set: SheIn (size: medium)
Colorful, floral kimono: Marshalls (size: one size fits all)
Light washed denim shorts: SheIn (size: large)


This was Amber Cove day. I started my day wearing my other bathing suit because I thought there was a beach readily available for tourists. I was wrong and ended up walking around Amber Cove with this on.

Bathing suit: Target (size: medium)
Colorful, floral kimono: Marshalls (size: one size fits all)
Navy green shorts: JCPenney (size: 8)

Once I got back on the boat from Amber Cove, I changed because I didn’t want to spend another day walking around in a bathing suit.

Black jumpsuit: Old Navy (size: medium)
Turquoise earrings: a family friend


Our final day of the cruise was another day at sea as we ventured back home. I wanted to be super comfortable without wearing pants, so I decided on a t-shirt dress.

NASA t-shirt dress: H&M (size: 6)
Black and white Pumas (these were my go-to shoes the entire trip): Puma (size 8.5 in men’s)

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the outfits I could conjure up for my first cruise. However, I will say, for someone who has a tendency to over-pack, I completely under-packed for this trip. Also, considering we were in the boiling hot sun with high temperatures, I probably should’ve worn less black. I definitely learned my lesson for the next one.

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