My Attempt at a Flat Lay

A few weeks ago, this video was recommended for me by YouTube:

I’m not entirely sure why it was recommended for me, but I’m kind of happy it was. I think a big part of having a lifestyle blog (or any blog that isn’t super informative) is taking flat lay pictures. Flat lays make it so easy to display multiple things that you’re going to talk about in a blog post, like if you were explaining your monthly favorites or showcasing your daily essentials.

After watching this video, I decided to give taking and editing a flat lay a shot. This is my first flat lay, so please do not judge. It’s not the greatest because I was kind of in a rush when I did it, and there is no real purpose behind the flat lay.

This is what it looked like when I was taking the picture. I literally put everything on my bedroom floor directly in front of my tiny, basement-like window (since I pretty much live in the basement). I took the picture at about 1:15 pm on a day when everyone was awaiting rain from Tropical Depression Barry, and it was super cloudy outside.

After a few different angles and attempts, this is the picture I got:

Then I cropped it down to size. For this particular flat lay, I thought it looked better as a square.

Now came time to edit. My main goal for editing was to make it look less dull but still not overly saturated. I used PicsArt to edit my picture. Personally, I feel like PicsArt is underrated for editing pictures. I’ve watched YouTube videos of people downloading several different apps to use one feature, such as downloading FaceTune to whiten the background of a photo, when PicsArt literally has all those features, and it’s free.

Anyway, here is what I edited on the picture:
Brightness: +8
Contrast: +4
Clarity: +26
Saturation: +32
Shadows: +44
Highlights: -66

Here is the final flat lay I got, all under ten minutes.

For me doing this in under ten minutes (editing and everything) right before I have to go to work, I’m pretty proud of it. If I had a legit reason behind creating a flat lay, I would definitely put more effort into what I choose to showcase and pick items that complement each other well. Still, I don’t think it looks that bad.

Q: Do you like flat lays?

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