July 17, 2019

Did you notice Simply Jamilah’s new look??

It’s all thanks to Blogerize! (this is not sponsored, by the way). Blogerize helps new bloggers jump into the wonderful world of blogging and helps people who already have blogs take their blogs to the next level.

Emily from Blogerize reached out to me to customize Simply Jamilah (for FREE) in return for a brief testimonial, and mine was a little longer than “brief.” From working with Emily, not only did I get a new blog theme that took my blog’s appearance to the next level, but I also learned all about self-hosting. Self-hosting is sooo much better (and cheaper) then hosting with WordPress. I get all the features of a WordPress business plan without having to pay the WordPress price, which my bank account thanks me for.

One feature I now have access to (that I’ve been wanting to do for a while) is newsletters. I have the ability to send out monthly newsletters with updates on all things Simply Jamilah, so if you want to receive a newsletter from me, make sure you subscribe on the home page.

Anyway, something else Blogerize offers, that is still free, are different lessons to help you grow as a blogger, and I did every single one of their lessons. I don’t want to give away all of their content, but here are some things I learned from Blogerize that I will definitely take into account when it comes to this blog.


~About blogging: “It is a selfless act of service to invest your time, energy, and world view into a piece of writing…”


~Site’s personality, name, tagline, color scheme, and design (among other things)
~More than a logo; it’s what makes you unique


~Featured images are IMPORTANT. Do not copy images from Google; take as many of your own as possible
~”Blogs are a place of conversation.”
~Set a fixed size and ratio for featured images.”


~”Use gridlines to balance your shot.”
~”Avoid zooming in.”


~A list post
~Makeover/before-and-after post
~A vlog
~A “best of” post
~A timeline post

Once again, this is not a sponsored post, and a huge thank you to the team at Blogerize for taking Simply Jamilah, my home, to the next level. I learned so much from the time I worked with them, and I highly recommend any blogger to check them out, especially since they’re free.

Q: What is the name of your blog, and what is it all about?

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