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Adventures in Mural Hunting

To be quite honest (when am I not?), I don’t really know how to start this off.

My friend, Maria, and I went mural hunting in Nashville. We did a few locations in June and finished up most of the murals last week; there were about three that we couldn’t find.

Seeing different street art and simply goofing around with one of my close friends was very fun for me. I kind of want to do it again but in a different city.

Since we finished all of our mural hunting for the summer, I wanted to share all the pictures we got. Maria took most, if not all, of the pictures, and she did a freaking phenomenal job.

You get to see the unedited pictures before Instagram sees the cropped, edited versions with the bad captions. You’re welcome.

Without further ado, enjoy candid pictures taken in front of some of the beautiful murals you can find in Nashville, Tennessee. If you’re ever visiting Nashville, I highly recommend spending time (safely) wandering the city and looking for different murals.