Jada R.

Because she’s my younger sister, I’ve known Jada all her life. Growing up, I was her number one fan, and she was my best friend. Life has thrown so many curve balls, and she was always there. She inspires me every single day, and I know she’ll do great things. These are the questions for her interview in the order they were asked.

SJ: What are you plans for after high school?
JR: My plans after high school is to go to cosmetology school, start cosmetology and possibly move to Atlanta to start, you know, growing my business of cosmetology. Then I will go to a HBCU college to become a teacher. I will get married, have a boy and a girl. We’re gonna get our own house built, and we’re just gonna live our best life. Period.

What advice do you have for other girls about boys?
So… boys out here… you gotta find the right one. It’s gonna take you a minute. You can’t rush the boys to be finding the perfect one. Boys will– they’ll stay quiet, but you gotta bring the best out of them. You always gotta keep you. Stay you. If they don’t like you for you then that’s them. Just be yo’self.

What show is worth binging this summer?
Nothing at the moment.

What’s it been like growing up with me as a sister?
It’s good to have somebody you can count on and talk to about anything, so it’s been great.

What do you want right now?
I want some cheesecake. Honestly.

Best movie you’ve seen since the start of 2019?
I’ma say Us. Us, that was the move.

What makes someone beautiful?
I’ma say their personality. If you got a ugly personality, fix it.

What is the best and worst thing about driving in an urban area?
The worst thing is when you’re in traffic, but the best thing is when you’re in traffic and you get peaceful time to yourself as long as you got a good mindset. If you got a bad mindset and you’re angry, then I don’t know what to tell you.

As you grow up, are there any issues, whether it be internationally, politically, societal, that you are starting to passionately care about?
I’ma have to say that it’s just racist stuff. It’s just the violence that’s happening to African Americans.

Being halfway through high school, what have you learned thus far?
FRIENDS ARE FAKE! And that’s on everything. Your middle school friends, they’re not gonna be there for you at all. Keep your head up, and focus on your school work ’cause you got a life ahead of you. Just keep a real good one beside you.

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