Black Church Week 2019

Before we get into it, I just want to say this is a loooong time coming, and I’m sorry it’s late. I have been checked out for the past week and a half or so; I’ve only had one good night’s sleep. Any other night I tried to sleep, it didn’t come easy, and I’ve taken a lot of naps to semi-catch up with the sleep I’ve been losing because sleep is important. Just last night, I couldn’t sleep. I slept for about two hours before I woke up and stared at my ceiling, which eventually led to googling part-time jobs near my university.

I think I checked out because I’m anxious. Life was going so good, and I was/have been anticipating some sort of struggle or something to bring it down. Turns out, me checking out and not being my usual self has been the problem. I’m still trying to figure out what’s going with my mind; hopefully everything gets better soon. Like, soon soon. I have several blog posts started but not finished (because I couldn’t bring myself to finish them), and this is one of them.

During the week of July 22nd, I was in Ridgecrest, North Carolina, located on Black Mountain, for a week long conference called Black Church Week (they actually changed the name to something way longer that I can’t remember, but we’re going to stick with the O.G.).

Upon our initial arrival, several people thought I belonged at the teenagers camp. Three people asked my age, and seven people automatically assumed I was not twenty. As soon as I got my name badge, I wrote my name (of course) and “*I’M 20*” below it.

Most of the pictures I took were of our room. We were given the handicap room because there were only a couple of handicap people on campus, not enough to fill all of the handicap rooms. It was beautifully spaced out, and my five percent interior design mind decided to capture it.

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Tuesday rolled around, and it was time for my first session, titled “So You Want to Be an Author?” However, it was a class that was more focused on being a writer. I’ll have a separate blog post with all my notes from the three classes I took, if you’re interested. Anyway, later in the day, I had to say a prayer at the women’s banquet and started freaking out, which I wrote all about in my July 2019 very public diary.

They also had game night for young adults on Tuesday. I was going to go, but I realized I was the youngest of young adults and decided against it. Plus, I was really in my feelings and couldn’t muster up a good enough mood to play games with other people, which I also recently wrote about.

Maybe this is when I checked out?

Wednesday came, and I took a class called “God & The Law of Attraction,” which was interesting.
Our handicap room was a conjoining room where there was a door that led directly to the room next door. One of the girls who lived in the other room opened the door to our side, and that was an awkward conversation, especially since she wasn’t wearing much clothing.

Wednesday was also the day I got called a man by one of the women who work on the campus, which I talked about on my Snapchat story.

Not much happened on Thursday, the final full day of the conference. I took a class called “The Half Education of Jay-Z,” which was a super fun class. I really like the woman who taught that class; I went to her sessions last year about being single.

By Thursday, the workers completely gave up on saying my name; once at the coffee shop, and once at an eatery on campus called “Nibble Nook” (pictured above as featured image; went there every other day). The server at the Nibble Nook simply said “Jamal,” and it was like sophomore year of high school all over again; the flashbacks were real.

When Friday rolled around, it was time to start the 5-hour journey back to Nashville, which ended up being way more than five hours. We stopped at a town in East Tennessee and visited with family for a couple of hours. Then we stopped in Knoxville, Tennessee to do some shopping, since it was Tennessee’s tax-free weekend. That mall trip was quite interesting; I got my ears pierced again, and the woman doing them struggled with getting the back onto the earring. Also, I had to get a men’s size eleven in a pair of shoes, which gave my family more ammo to talk about how big my feet are.

Anyway, even though I only went to three sessions this year, Black Church Week was just as wonderful as ever. I can’t wait to go back again in 2021.

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