I Love You

September 12, 2019

*I envision this being told by a woman, but you can imagine whatever you want.
* This is a little different from some of my other short stories.

At first, it was infatuation, but it quickly turned into so much more.

I love you.

I hate that there’s a great distance between us.

I love your mind. My oh my, do you have a beautiful mind. Every time you spoke, something intelligent, thought-provoking was said. You have more common sense than me and managed to make everything make sense to me.

I hate that we didn’t have enough time. I know everything happens for a reason, but I wish time would have given us the opportunity to explore us.

I love how imperfect your posture is. It often conjured daydreams of us in the future. I could see us sitting on our front porch looking like two hunchbacks, but we wouldn’t care because love was there.

I hate the way you smiled at your phone every time you were typing. I couldn’t tell if you were texting a girl or a friend or commenting on a funny social media post. It made me feel like I was nothing to you, and the sad reality is, I probably wasn’t.

I love the way your skin takes a different complexion when you’re laughing your head off; I love it even more when it’s because of something I said. There was no way I could watch you laugh without joining in.

I hate that I kept looking for you. I knew you wouldn’t be mine.

I love that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. It’s like I knew when you were around the minute you walked into a room, and my eyes had to see for themselves. Once they did, they couldn’t turn away.

I hate how much of a jerk I became when I realized I love you. I tried to save my heart from the inevitable heartbreak by attempting to push you away; I was trying to fight my feelings for you because they were coming on hard and fast.

I love that we had our own silent promise of “forever.” At least, that’s what it felt like every time we uttered those two words to each other.

I hate that we never touched. Not even a simple high five or fist bump. We only ever stood at super close or super far distances.

I love your love of adventure. Hearing you talk about your travels excited me; part of me daydreamed about the places we would go. I wish life was the next adventure I could go on with you.

I hate that we only had one day.

I love that you did anything in your power to make me happy. I could never tell what emotions you were feeling, but you did everything possible to make sure there was a smile on my face.

I hate that we had to say goodbye… for forever. Neither of us made a move. I regret it; do you?

At first, it was infatuation, but it quickly turned into so much more.

I love you.

Featured image credit: Ali Yahya

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