Midweek JoBros Adventure

Earlier this month, my friend and I went to the sold out Jonas Brothers concert in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a quick, overnight trip, and I loved every second of it. Before I get into the nitty gritty of the actual concert, I wanted to go over the trip because it was just as amazing as the concert; all of my stress went out the window.

The entire trip was necessary and perfect.

The Trip

I didn’t go on this trip alone; I went with my amazing friend Rebecca. Honestly, this trip wouldn’t have happened without her, and it deepened my appreciation for her.

We left for Nashville after Rebecca got done with her class. Rebecca and I girl chatted and lip sang the entire trip there and back (on the way back, I was responsible for talking so she would stay awake while driving). Every time “Truth Hurts” came on, our energy skyrocketed; we sang every word, every single time.

Rebecca and I got to Nashville at around 4 pm (I love going back an hour and tricking myself into thinking I have an extra hour of time). We avoided being soaked by the rain; however, we later got soaked by a sprinkler. For dinner, we ate Panera Bread; I got a large macaroni and cheese bowl and a strawberry banana smoothie to drink.

Going into the designated parking garage for the concert, we dealt with an angry crossing guard. He shouted things like “Don’t shake your head at me!” and “I told you to go this way ma’am!” When we were leaving the concert, they had another, kinder crossing guard at there with him.

We got out of the concert at around 11:30 pm, but we didn’t get out of the parking garage until midnight. At around 1 am, we got to our housing destination, where we only slept four hours (this is where I learned I can survive a full day on four hours of sleep).

Rebecca had to be back on campus by a certain time for a very important class, and we made it back fifteen minutes before her class began and got bomb parking. I’m still proud of us.

The Concert

*scroll down, and you’ll find a video if you don’t want to read*

My first concert ever was Vance Joy, but this was my first sold out concert in a stadium; I didn’t know what to expect.

Before permanently taking our seats, I spent twenty dollars on a set of Jonas Brothers key chains. I was also on the lookout for two people: Sophie Turner and Doug the Pug; Doug was there, but I missed him unfortunately.

I ended up sitting next to a mom and her two daughters (or her daughter and her daughter’s friend). When the Jonas Brothers came on, the audience was on their feet the entire time and knew every word to every song; meanwhile, the two kids next to me didn’t stand nor participate– at all. The mom next to me complained a good portion of the time and talked about her stresses with the show; I distinctly remember her saying, “This is just too much” in a disapproving mom voice. The people next to me ended up leaving after the third Jonas Brothers song.

While waiting for the show to begin, Nick’s new tequila and movie (Midway) was advertised, as well as the Jonas Brothers’ new book, Blood: A Memoir by the Jonas Brothers. There was also a DJ who played in between sets; he mostly played the clean versions of songs but kept the explicit version of “I Like It.” He ended the set with “Truth Hurts,” and the entire arena erupted as everyone sang along; there were a lot of confused moms.

Being in Nashville, there were a few celebrity sightings. Keith Urban and Maren Morris were in the audience, and it’s rumored that Post Malone was also in the audience (don’t know how true that is).

The first person to open was Jordan McGraw; I had no idea who he was, so the only person I payed attention to during his set was the piano player (and not just because he’s from Nashville; I witnessed him falling up the stairs). After his set, I Googled Jordan McGraw and found out he was Dr. Phil’s son; that’s when my excitement hit about seeing him.

Bebe Rexha was the second person to open, and I lost it when she came out; I love Bebe Rexha and her music. My excitement for seeing her is portrayed in the video below. Since we were in Nashville, I figured there would be some special guests; Bebe brought out Kelsea Ballerini (might have spelled her name wrong in the video) to help sing “Meant to Be.” I was low key disappointed Bebe didn’t sing “I Got You,” but it was still a good set.

Now for the main meal: the Jonas Brothers were incredible. I can’t even explain to you how amazing it was, and as I said earlier, my excitement is portrayed in the video below. I smiled the entire time, and if I wasn’t smiling, I was crying; I definitely cried a good three times during the Jonas Brothers set. Don’t ask me why.

Anyway, a few things happened during their set. First, at some point, the kid in front of us fell out of his chair and his chair folded/collapsed. As I’m typing this, it’s replaying in my head, and I can’t help but laugh. Also, the Jonas Brothers did a toast with the audience and took a shot of alcohol onstage; honestly, it was probably Nick’s tequila. Speaking of tequila, as expected, the Jonas Brothers brought out special guests; they brought out Dan + Shay to sing “Tequila.”

Now for the video:

Songs in the video:

Bebe Rexha
Me, Myself & I” with G-Eazy
The Monster“- Eminem ft. Rihanna
Hey Mama“- with David Guetta, Afrojack, Nicki Minaj
Meant to Be“- with Florida Georgia Line

Jonas Brothers
Only Human
Gotta Find You“- from Camp Rock
Cake by the Ocean“- DNCE

Tequila“- Dan + Shay
Play My Music“- from Camp Rock
Year 3000
Burnin’ Up

This concert was the most amazing concert I’ve ever been to. I ended the show with a feeling of euphoria and pure happiness.

The entire trip and experience was perfect– better than perfect. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

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