Kristen B.

I am beyond grateful God put Kristen in my life. She is one of the coolest, talented, beautiful women I’ve met. Without Kristen, moments of my life would be super dull; she radiates positive energy, and I know she will always have a shoulder for me to cry on. Kristen is a blessing to the world. These are the interview questions in the order they were asked.

SJ: What is your major and/or minor, and why did you choose it?
KB: My major is psychology, and my minor is anthropology, and I chose them because I wanted to help people but not have to deal with bodily fluids like blood because I pass out.

What’s your favorite thing to eat in your eating shirt?
Definitely tacos.

How do you feel about graduating in May?
BIG nervous that I’ll trip, but I’m also excited.

What is your favorite thing about being in a relationship?
For sure the support system it brings. Like, when I’m stressed, I can still laugh and be happy because we’re like a team.

How are you so happy and energetic all the time, even when you’re having a bad day?
I always just try and put my problems into perspective, and then they don’t seem so big at all.

What do you want right now?
Definitely an extra large pizza from any pizza place; I’m not picky.

What is the best thing about being a woman?
The different ways of thinking and ideas that we bring to the table that’s unique compared to others.

What is the best new show or movie you’ve watched recently?
THAT’S A TOUGH ONE; I’ll say the new Joker movie.

What is the hair color you regret the most and why?
DEFINITELY THE BLACK HAIR WITH BANGS; I looked like an off-brand Cleopatra.

Why do you think I wanted to interview you?
I’m gonna guess it’s for some kind of class assignment you have.

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