My Dream Condo

I’ve never been one to envision myself living in a house. If the day were to arise where I bought a house with my future husband, I wouldn’t be against it. For now, I dream of living in a condo where every room is an explosion of color and elegantly eclectic.

I thought this would be a good way to utilize some of what I learned in my major (which isn’t much, too be blatantly honest). We do a lot of creating floor plans in Revit, but unless I am building the condo complex, I can’t really determine the floor plan of my future condo.

Therefore, this post is more focused on inspiration for the interiors of every room.

Let’s get started.

Wish List

  • 2 to 3 bedrooms
  • 2 and a half bathrooms
  • In-unit laundry
  • Allows pets
  • Some sort of porch (front or back)
  • Enough space for a small garden
  • Reasonable HOA fees

“Grand Entrance”

aka The Foyer

I gave every room a name, by the way.

Anyway, I would imagine the foyer not to have much space. I would simply like a bench with storage underneath for guest shoes and frequently worn shoes. Also, I think a plant and a wall mirror would be a nice accent.

“Heart of the Home”

aka The Kitchen and Dining Room/Breakfast Nook

I consider the kitchen to be one of the major rooms, so I created an inspiration board for this room of everything I would like to have in it. Whatever isn’t mentioned will be added in the future; these are just things that I would like as a current twenty-year-old. I also did this for a few other rooms that you will see later.

“Social Zone”

aka The Living Room

“Headquarters for Creativity”

aka The Office/Guest Room

If I were to get a condo with only two bedrooms, I would like the office to double as the guest bedroom. If I am able to get a condo with three bedrooms, then one will be turned into an office space, and the other one will be the guest bedroom.

The inspiration board below is for the 2-bedroom condo.

“Emergency Room”

aka The Half Bathroom

I want the half bathroom to match the rest of the condo, so I’m thinking a mini collage wall or a wall accented with wallpaper or a wall with a saying. I haven’t put too much thought into the half bathroom, but there are inspiration images from Pinterest below.

“Master’s Quarters”

aka The Master Suite

I want (more like need) the master suite to be a fun and relaxing oasis.

“‘Free’ Laundromat”

aka The Laundry Room/Area

Depending on how much space is available, I definitely want shelves above the washer and dryer (and not the basic wire shelves). That’s pretty much my only requirement with the laundry room/area (some condos don’t have designated laundry rooms).

Inspo Images from Pinterest

I didn’t have inspiration mood boards for all of the rooms above, and for the ones that do have inspiration boards, there are some images missing. The gallery below contains inspirational images from Pinterest for all the rooms I hope to have in my future condo.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”3″ gal_title=”Dream Condo”]

Not to rush the future or anything, but I can’t wait to decorate my own space– a place to call home.

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