Let’s Talk About The Grammy’s

I don’t want to dissect every single moment and award and performance from the Grammy’s because there were definitely several so-so performances.

Instead, I want to focus on some of my favorite moments and different things that stood out to me.

I will say, with it being on the day of Kobe’s passing (rest in peace), it was definitely meant to be a night to honor him, and I am so happy the Grammy’s were quick to incorporate a few different ways to honor him.

Speaking of Kobe, Lizzo opened the show saying, “Tonight is for Kobe!” before singing “Cuz I Love You” followed by “Truth Hurts.” In true Lizzo fashion, there was also a flute solo tossed in there. Lizzo absolutely slayed the Grammy’s and received a deserving standing ovation, and the crowd stayed standing as Alicia Keys made her way to the stage.

Alicia’s monologue was solely focused on remembering Kobe, and it warms my heart that she did that. She talked about the show being “in the house that Kobe Bryant built.” She sang a tribute song with Boyz II Men and shone a light on his two jerseys hanging at the Staples Center.

Before moving on with the show, Alicia Keys said to “make this a celebration in his honor.”

Out of the ones I can remember, Alicia Keys is the best Grammy’s host. Hands down.

Cynthia Erivo and Keith Urban presented the first award of the night, being Best Solo Pop Performance, which is when Keith decided to send love to Australia.

Lizzo ended up winning the aforementioned award for “Truth Hurts,” but it looked like she was hoping Beyoncé would win. While waiting for the winner to be announced, it looked like she was mouthing Queen Bey’s name over and over again.

Further in the show, Camila Cabello sang “First Man,” and I somehow felt it was appropriate for the evening. It was a tribute to her father, who sat in the audience teary-eyed, but every time she sang “you were the first man that really loved me,” I couldn’t help but imagine Kobe’s daughters singing that. It really touched me.

One performance that didn’t touch me and made me uncomfortable more than anything was Aerosmith’s performance. Even with the addition of Run DMC, there was no saving that performance, especially after Steven Tyler brought two random girls onstage.

Another performance that didn’t stand out in the best way was the “Old Town Road” performance. It was another remix of the song with special guests Billy Ray Cyrus, BTS, Mason Ramsey (who you could barely hear when it came his time to sing), and Diplo. There was even some incorporation of the “Seoul Town Road Remix.” The entire performance was just… a lot.

On the other hand, Demi Lovato’s performance was super raw and stripped and beautiful. When she got emotional in the beginning and shed a few tears, it melted my heart. Despite the obvious emotion, she came and slayed with the vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

Another beautiful performance was Nipsey Hustle’s tribute, which included a lot of ad lib (don’t know if that’s the right word, even after googling it) from DJ Khaled and Kirk Franklin. At the end of the tribute, they displayed a picture of Nipsey Hustle and put a picture of Kobe Bryant right next to him, which I appreciated.

Yet another performance I really enjoyed was Alicia Keys’ performance of “Underdog.” It was absolutely stunning.

Now for the O’Connells.

It was randomly announced in the show that Finneas won Producer of the Year, Non-classical. “bad guy” won Song of the Year, and Finneas thanked Claudia Sulewski, his beautiful girlfriend that I’m a fan of, during his acceptance speech. Billie Eilish also won for Best New Artist, and she and Finneas accepted the awards for Album of the Year and Record of the Year. When they won Record of the Year, Billie and Finneas simultaneously said “Thank you” as their acceptance speech.

This was the year of the O’Connells.

As she rounded out the show, Alicia Keys made sure to say, “God bless Kobe’s family.”

Rest in peace Kobe, Gianna, and the other individuals killed in that horrific helicopter crash.

Kobe, your legacy lives on forever.

Featured image credit: Sudhith Xavier

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