How I Plan Each Week

Sunday afternoon is my time for self-care. I do an in-depth skincare routine, watch a movie with myself (normally a rom-com), and spend an hour planning the week ahead.

I have a step-by-step system for planning my week, and I wanted to share it with you. It keeps me super organized and has made balancing my hectic schedule a lot easier.


*I like to use a planner where I get a monthly view and a daily view.
*I prefer a Happy Planner because the pages are easily removable and go back in with ease. Also, they’re aesthetically pleasing.

WEEKLY PLANNER PAD: Link >> SheIn Long Link
*They’re literally available anywhere.

*They make planning more fun, and they are also aesthetically pleasing.
*It’s cheaper to get them from Hobby Lobby, which is where the link will take you.

*Again, they are aesthetically please. These particular pens also write exceptionally smooth.
*These make everything even more organized.

*During the week, things come up that need to be done for the next week, so I’ll add them to my notes and won’t look at them until it comes time to plan the week.

Step One: Take Out Monthly View

This makes it easier to add due dates, premieres, etc. to the daily view without flipping back and forth.

Step Two: Apply All Applicable Stickers

This is pretty self-explanatory. I flip through all of the sticker books and apply the ones I need for the week. I don’t try to color coordinate since the planner is already pretty colorful.

Here is what the planner looks like when all the stickers are chosen; there are small explanations for the more non-obvious stickers:

Step Three: Write in Everything That Needs to Be Accomplished

Every color has a different meaning, but this is what the planner looks like after I go in and write everything:


Red: My period starts + podcast episode
Orange: Blog posts
Green: For one of my scholarships, I have to do something called an APS job
Dark Blue: TV shows, movies, and/or albums
Light Blue: Fun events
Purple: Important meetings/out of routine important events
Pink: High priority things to get done
Brown: Assignments that are due
Black: Low priority things to get done

Step Four: Plan Outfits and Workouts

With the weather app opened on my phone, I plan my outfits and workouts for the week using a black ink pen. I underline the workouts in pink pen to make them stand out more, so I feel more inclined to do them.

It ends up looking this when it’s finished:

After four easy steps and an hour of my time, my week, including outfits and workouts, are planned, and productivity is maximized.

How do you feel about planning out every day of the week? I’m curious. Some people think it’s ridiculous, and some find it extremely helpful. Let me know what you think.

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