To the Friend I’ve Known Since 4th Grade

To the Friend I’ve Known Since 4th Grade:

You are my ride or die.

I’ve known you for over eleven years. We didn’t establish a friendship until middle school, and we didn’t establish we were close friends until towards the end of high school. I believe we get closer the more we adult, and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

We overcame uncomfortable patches of tension and overall weirdness in our friendship.

I know with you I will always have a shoulder to cry on. Your arm is my favorite arm to spontaneously nap on; I know that’s weird, but it’s still very true.

You’re slaying the entire adulting game, despite the errors you encounter along the way like any other twenty-something. You inspire me everyday and give me such valuable knowledge and wisdom.

It’s nice knowing you’re the one person I don’t have to talk to every single day. I don’t need reassurance that our bond is strong.

Despite how close we are and how much I love you, there are things I have kept from you. I haven’t let you into the deep depths of my mind and soul and intense emotions, yet you know more about me than anyone else. I think it goes back to the prominent and annoying trust issues that started developing when I was nine, before we met.

I’ll let you fully in some day. I don’t know why my guard isn’t completely down when I’m around you. That’s still something I’m trying to figure out.

Give me time.

I love you.


P.S. Thank you for getting me hooked on Mexican hot chocolate.

Featured image credit: Kate Macate

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