Flipping Through My Ticket Book

A while ago, I started collecting movie tickets, and I honestly don’t know why. I think I might have been seeing a few pictures on Pinterest where people hung them on their walls, kind of like the Polaroid walls, but I never got around to doing that.

Soon, the movie tickets started to mean more to me. Then, any sort of ticket or paper token started to mean more to me; they became memories. After a while of transporting my tickets with me in a small paper bag, I decided to buy an inexpensive bullet journal from Lifeway to store them all in.

I wanted to share some of my pages/memories with you.

This is the front cover. The giant black square is covering up a couple of family photos I got turned into stickers; I wasn’t sure if my family would appreciate their picture being plastered on the blog. The red and white sticker is an ice cream sticker I got from an ice cream restaurant in downtown Knoxville, and the black and white sticker is from Baked on 8th, one of the best bakeries in Nashville. Last but not least, there’s a Marvel sticker from the Disney store because I love Marvel.

This is the back cover. Right now, it only has one sticker from the place where I get my tattoos and ear piercings done.

This is the introduction for the catch-up section. Since I had a bunch of tickets from before I started the journal, I gave them their own catch-up section, starting with the movie ticket from when I went to see The Fault in our Stars in 2014 (can’t believe that was over half a decade ago!). Something you’ll quickly discover with this journal is that I love to doodle, like LOVE to doodle. This page has some of my doodles as well as one of my favorite quotes from Pinterest and a song lyric from Lizzo’s “Soulmate.”

An example page from the catch-up section. Everything is attached to the journal pages with super cheap navy and cream washi tape I got from the Dollar Tree. All tickets have the following next to them: title of the event/film, date, an arrow, and who I went with.

This is the introduction page for any current tickets/events, if that makes any sense. This starts with June 2019 and continues until the notebook is finished. There’s half a heart with the letter “J” in it; part of me hopes someone has the other half. On top of that page, there are lyrics from AJR’s “Next Up Forever,” and the opposite page has a quote from my grandfather accompanied with a couple of doodles.

This is right after the previous page spread. My cousin gave me a BTS card, and that was the first thing to go into this section. I don’t really know much about BTS, but RM is my favorite member. The page opposite of the card is the introduction page for all the paper memorabilia I got from our family cruise. The lyrics to “My Blood” by twenty one pilots is written upside down in the background.

An example of a page spread from the cruise section. There’s not much on here besides the back of our luggage tags and something I cut out of one of the Carnival bags (I think).

An example of a page spread from current events. There’s a couple of small doodles and movie tickets. One thing I do like about getting this notebook from Lifeway (before all the brick and mortar locations closed down) is that each page spread comes with a Bible verse. Sometimes they get covered up, and sometimes they don’t; still, I appreciate them.

Most recently finished page spread. The page on the left is my close friend’s college graduation invitation (she used post cards; genius!), and I wrote a special message underneath the invitation. The page on the right has a ticket from an event that happened in Nashville and a super random Polaroid picture of me drinking a can of grape soda on Christmas day.

I hope you enjoyed getting a little glimpse into my ticket book. When I was younger, I used to scrapbook all the time.

Now that I’m a little bit older, I like collecting tickets and placing them in a journal that easily fits in any of my handbags. Sometimes I get inspiration for quotes or hear really cool quotes or need to relieve my thoughts with doodles, and when those times come, I just pull out my little ticket book.

Do you collect anything that holds strong memories?

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