Outfits of the Week: February 3rd

Another week is behind us. Did anyone else feel like this week took forever to come to an end?

Maybe it’s just a me thing.

Anyway, here are all my outfits from the week of February 3rd:

Song: “My Blood” by twenty one pilots (McKay Alexander Remix)


Black sneakers: Puma
Black sweatpants/jersey pants (?): Target
Black “Gemini” tee: Macklemore merch


Black booties: JustFab
Green and black pants: New York & Company
Avengers Assemble tee: Hot Topic (I cried as soon as I saw this shirt)


White sneakers: Fila Disruptor 2
Navy blue dress: Tommy Hilfiger


Black booties: Macy’s
Denim drawstring pants: Macy’s
Cropped gray sweater: Goodwill (originally: Charlotte Russe)
Army green outerwear: Goodwill

I try not to wear a bunch of dark colors in one week, but (TMI) I was on my period so… here we are.

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