Their Voices

February 18, 2020

*This is a short story I envision being told by a young woman, but you can imagine it being told by whoever you want.

I was born with a curse.

Some might call it a blessing, but I definitely think it’s a curse.

I can hear what people think about me.

Yep, you read the correctly, and yes, it’s freaking weird. Constantly hearing annoying voices in the back of my head is how I’m stuck living my life.

However, there are stipulations:
1. I can only hear the thoughts when they are directly related to me. If it’s a random thought about a dog trying to lick its stomach, I don’t hear it. If it’s a thought about me watching a dog trying to lick its stomach, I hear it.
2. The person has to be within a 20-foot radius.

I’ve gone to every doctor possible, and none of them know how to fix me.

So I’m stuck.

Having this “gift” (as one of the doctors called it) especially sucks for me because I can hear every awful, judgy thought of the annoying adolescents at Anderson Peak Private Academy (APPA, as we call it).

I’m not new to the unfortunate world of bullying, and having this… thing… makes it slightly better. Only slightly.

They made fun of the way I walked, how I mixed patterns and textures (it’s called fash-uhn), my hair, and anything they could physically find to pick a part. Being an introvert and having a speech impediment also didn’t help.

When bullies realized I knew what they were going to do or say before anything happened, they started thinking mean things about me, which still hurt my feelings. The Internet is also still a thing; even when I wasn’t stuck in the APPA Prison for seven hours a day, I still knew the crap they thought about me.

But I never did anything to deserve it. Maybe not fighting back egged them on? I don’t really know, but I still wouldn’t do anything to stop it.

It couldn’t stop bullying, but my mental brain power thing came in handy sometimes. I knew whatever punishment my parents were going to dish out when I skipped school or when I pissed them off. I knew my grade on assignments before teachers had the slightest chance to put the paper down. I knew when I was going to be denied a potential job before the interview was over, and I would often walk out unannounced. I knew my best friend was going to drop me and leak a fake sex tape with my photoshopped face before it happened. Fortunately, my decent computer skills allowed me to take it down before it went viral among the APPA idiots.

The APPA idiots didn’t know about my… situation (?), and there were a couple of occasions when I was really happy about it. Like, when I found out the guy I had a massive crush on completely repulsed me and when I found out the kid I used to give dog crap to instead of my homemade pudding fell in love with me.

Those were both excruciating days.

If you ever wonder what it’s like to know what people are thinking about you, don’t. It’s not fun.

I can’t escape their voices.

Featured image credit: Ben White

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