Outfits of the Week: February 17th

Tennessee went through all four seasons during the week of February 17th. It was warm on some days and freezing on others. There was rain, snow, sunshine, and high winds.

Here are all the outfits I decided to wear when I wasn’t prepared for a week of four seasons:

Song: “Who Do You Love” by The Chainsmokers, 5 Seconds of Summer (EBEN Remix)


Colorful flowy shirt: New York & Company
Purple dress pants: New York & Company
White platform sneakers: flea market (original brand: Joie)


White “Lady Vols” sweatshirt: thrifted
Dark gray mom jeans: Tilly’s
Black booties: Macy’s


Red dress: hand me down
Green outerwear: Goodwill
Black booties: Macy’s


Colorful tie-dye shirt: DIY with a friend
Light acid wash jeans: Macy’s
Avocado socks: gift from a friend
Black sneakers: PUMA


Black Cuddle Dud: Macy’s
Green “Los Angeles” sweatpants: Forever 21
Avocado socks: gift from a friend
Black sneakers: PUMA

As the week progressed, the sleep deprivation began to settle in and the sock-changing laziness settled in, hence wearing the avocado socks two days in a row. Also, I had to go on an overnight retreat Friday with a bunch of people I didn’t know, and I thought wearing avocado socks would be a good conversation starter.

Quick Tip: Wearing wacky socks or a consistent enamel/button pin makes for great conversation.

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