Outfits of the Week: February 24th

Not gonna lie, this week we risked it for the biscuit.

Yes, I used that saying. No, I’m not ashamed.

Every outfit I wore this past week was risky in its own way. Let’s take a look.


Ripped boyfriend jeans: Old Navy
White Cuddle Dud: Macy’s
UT jersey… thing…: hand me down
Black booties: Macy’s
Gold hoops: Forever 21
I go to school in East Tennessee, but I do not go to UTK. A lot of people were not thrilled with my attire, and comments were definitely made.


*Sorry the picture is a little dark; ’twas a rainy day
High-waisted jeans: Macy’s
Pink and red striped cold shoulder top: New York & Company
Brown booties: JustFab
Small gold hoop: Target
Small silver hoop with pearl: Claire’s
There was a nice flow of rain outside, and my shoulders were out. My umbrella is on the weaker side and didn’t do much to protect me.


Various shades of brown dress: hand me down
Black booties: Macy’s
Gold safety pin earrings: Nasty Gal
With my backpack on my back, my dress rode up as I walked around campus and exposed my slip, and I didn’t realize it until my day was almost over.


Light washed denim jeans: Old Navy
Red short sleeve turtleneck: Goodwill
White blazer: hand me down
White sneakers: Fila Disruptor 2.0
Silver and gold studs: a gift from a family member
I went to a meeting that included recreating a Bob Ross painting while wearing a white blazer. Since my arms were ashy and I didn’t have lotion on me, I had to keep the blazer on during the entire event.

Next week is March. Hopefully it warms up to the point where I can wear shirts with short sleeves without having to wear a jacket.

What wishful thinking. I’m in the mountains in East Tennessee; I’ll be happy if it doesn’t snow (I love snow, but snow here is kind of weird).

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