A Few Thrifting Tips

I’ll be the first to admit: I am not a thrifting expert.

Honestly, most of the time I walk into a Goodwill or thrift store and wing it.

I’m not one to strictly focus on finding name brands. If it’s CCU*, I immediately gravitate towards it.

Still, I’ve experienced quite a few thrifting woes and wanted to share some tips so you don’t experience the same thrifting errors I have.

Rub Every Inch of Every Item

I know this sounds really weird, but hear me out. I often miss different knicks, flaws, and loose pieces that could cause future problems because an item simply looks okay.

Once I have all the items picked out that I’m interested in, I try to make sure there are no flaws. I don’t mind not having a name brand item, but I do mind buying something that is noticeably used to the point of no return (I don’t know if that sentence is grammatically correct, but I hope it made sense). Even if it’s at a cheaper price, I still want items of a decent quality.

Always Try On Jackets + Jeans

I tend to buy shirts that are loose or oversized; I’m usually safe not trying them on in store. This cannot be said for jackets and jeans — I have to try them on.

The lengths and fits of jackets and pants are super deceiving, especially in a thrift store. Just because an item looks long enough, it doesn’t mean the item actually is. I’ve learned this lesson too many times, yet I still think I can slide by without trying on a jacket before purchasing; with a wingspan over six feet, I should know better.

Check the Opposite Sex’s Section

There’s honestly not much I can say to elaborate on this tip.

I am constantly forgetting to check the men’s section, yet I know it houses some unique gems. Need an oversized denim jacket? Check the men’s section. Need a worn leather jacket? Check the men’s section. Need an easy t-shirt dress? Check the men’s section.

Guys can also check women’s section for items for themselves. Don’t discriminate.

Pay Attention to the Tags

Not paying attention to the tags has always saved me money, but sometimes I think about how I won’t get so lucky one day. When I go thrifting with a friend, I am reminded of the extra discounts some of the price tags provide, and my mind focuses on those tags specifically for most of the thrifting trip.

Certain color tags on certain days mean extra discounts, which means saving more money. Who doesn’t love saving money?

I know all of these tips were a bit self-explanatory, but I wanted to share some tips I’ve curated as an amateur thrifter who has constantly experienced thrifting woes, especially as thrifting and sustainable fashion gains popularity.

*CCU = cute, comfortable, or unique

Featured image credit: Clem Onojeghuo

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