Employment Outfits of the Week

For the first week of March, I decided to challenge myself and create outfits containing/based around different employment opportunities.

This is weird, but the outcome was kind of interesting, especially since I worked at most of these places.

Monday – Macy’s

This was the least obvious outfit. Since Macy’s has a specific dress code instead of a uniform, I decided to wear items I bought from Macy’s while sticking with the challenge I gave to myself at the beginning of the school semester (wear a dress every week). If I wore my old name badge, it would have made the outfit’s intent incredibly obvious.

Navy blue and white striped dress: Macy’s
Black booties: Macy’s

Tuesday – Lowe’s

This outfit created slight confusion among a few people. I work at a place similar to Lowe’s, so wearing a Lowe’s shirt really messed a few people up, especially the one person I know who actually works at Lowe’s. I had never seen his eyes get so wide.

Lowe’s t-shirt: thrifted (do not remember the exact thrift store)
Black jersey pants: Target
Black sneakers: Fila Disruptor 2.0 (purchased via Journey’s)

Wednesday – Wendy’s

This outfit caused the most confusion. I was asked either, “You work at Wendy’s?” or “You still work at Wendy’s?” Since this was my most recent job I no longer have, casually wearing my shirt of ex-employment with the small bleach stain on it caused quite the confusion/inquiry. I played it off as not having enough time to grab something presentable (since maintenance took up my morning trying to fix my heater), but I was actually doing this outfits experiment/challenge.

Wendy’s shirt: Wendy’s
Black knock-off cargo pants: Macy’s
Black sneakers: Puma

Thursday – The University

I am a bit of a flop and could not motivate myself to get out of bed Thursday morning. Then when I finally landed on my feet, I had to quickly get dressed and didn’t have time to take a flat lay picture of my outfit. However, I improvised.

Anyway, I am a temporary employee of my university, and since that is one of the jobs I currently have, I decided to wear school colors. No one thought much of this outfit since it’s common to wear your school colors on your school campus.

“POLO” shirt: Goodwill
Light-washed jeans: Old Navy
Black sneakers: Fila Disruptor 2.0 (purchased via Journey’s)

This was a fun challenge, even though it mainly consisted of t-shirts. It was a little different from the past outfits of the week posts and kind of challenged me.

I really liked it.

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