Rainbow Outfits of the Week

For the first week of March, I challenged myself to wear outfits that represented different places of employment.

This week, I challenged myself to wear every color of the rainbow, with the exception of purple (sorry purple).

With all the drama surrounding the virus, it was a bit more challenging, considering I had to take the large possibility of switching to online classes (which we did) into account.

Monday – Red

Okay soooo… I don’t actually have any pictures of a red outfit from Monday. I came down with a cold (I promise it was just a cold, not the virus) Sunday night and didn’t have the strength to go to class on Monday. Instead, I quarantined myself in my dorm room and wallowed in my own disgust. Here are a few images of my room and the mess it became.

Tuesday – Orange

On Tuesday, I was feeling a lot better. I still didn’t go to class, but I felt good enough to go to work that night.

Orange shirt: hand me down
Black floral jeggings: Macy’s
Black sneakers: Puma
Gold Gemini necklace: gift from sister (pretty sure it’s from Walmart)

Wednesday – Yellow

At this point, I was feeling normal again and decided to go to class. This ended up being the only day I went to class; my one class for Thursday was cancelled by my teacher for personal reasons.

Yellow sweater: Macy’s
Blue high-waisted bell bottoms: Belk’s
Black booties: Macy’s
Gold Gemini necklace: gift from sister (pretty sure she got it from Walmart)

Thursday – Green

I didn’t focus on shoes this day since I didn’t have to go anywhere (until I remembered I had a job to go to that night).

Cropped green sweatshirt: Macy’s
Light acid washed jeans: Macy’s

Friday – Blue

This is when ish hit the fan.

Thursday night, my school announced we were going online for three weeks after our spring break next week (so I wouldn’t go back to campus until the weekend of April 12th). I already had a hectic day planned, and on top of it, I had to be out of my dorm room by 6 pm Friday. In the midst of a crazy day, I had roughly two hours to pack and condense most of my dorm room.

What did I wear in response?
A super dark navy blue maxi dress. Somehow, wearing a dress made my frantic, unorganized packing a lot easier. However, I struggled getting a good picture of it (let’s not talk about the knot on the side; I’m not proud of it; it’s super long without proper heels).

Navy blue dress: hand me down
Black booties (they didn’t go with the outfit at all, but they were the only shoes I had that weren’t stuffed in my duffel bag): Macy’s

This past week was crazy, and I hope the panic and fear consuming everyone calms down soon. I know precautionary measures need to be taken, but I also think the panic needs to settle.

Stay safe, and stay calm. Don’t stop living your life.

Credit for all the pictures used in the feature image:
Nico Marks
Arun Sharma
Patrick Pierre
MD Duran
Brooke Cagle

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