A Productive Day in My Life

It’s been a week since my last blog post, and I’m sorry.

With all the mess surrounding COVID-19 and me battling a cold for two days, I haven’t had the time to simultaneously write and keep up with schoolwork. Literally, as I’m typing this, I am figuring out a game plan to get mostly everything out of my dorm room since I’ll be in Nashville doing online classes until Easter weekend.

This is all thanks to the wonderful (note the sarcasm) freak out surrounding the COVID-19.

Because I was gone for a week and trying to get it all together, this is a bonus blog post of one of my productive days from earlier in the month. I woke up at almost seven in the morning and didn’t go to sleep until a quarter past two in the morning.

Yeah, it was a long day. Enjoy a typical Monday in my life, featuring live footage of me being an awkward bean, stealing someone else’s chair in class, and eating in a classroom I’m not supposed to eat in.

Some notes from my super productive day:

  • This was filmed on March 2, 2020.
  • Most of the time, I turn my TV on MTV Live when I wake up in the morning, and other times I turn the radio on or listen to a playlist I made on Spotify called “yellow shine.” Music helps wake me up; music is how I survive.
  • My heater has been making a rattling noise since early November; I finally got through to maintenance and was able to do something about it.
  • The job application I filled out was to become a teacher for a class this fall semester.
  • My Layout & Production class got cancelled, which is my 3-hour night class.
  • I went to a small art gallery we have in our art building. One gallery was dedicated to showing Dolly Parton artwork, and the other was work from local artists. While I was looking at the work, I met the director of our art galleries.
  • I fed Prem two pellets at two am when I couldn’t remember if I fed him or not.
  • Unseen activities: going to the post office to pick up organic deodorant, 36-minute phone call with my father, and planning the next two blog posts and Friday’s podcast episode

Song: “Meet Me” by Mickey Valen ft. Noé

Little did I know this would be the last long productive day I’d have on campus for a while. Before we switched to online classes, this is close to how my Monday through Fridays looked– running around on campus until 8 pm.

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