Spring Break Outfits: 2020

My spring break definitely didn’t go as I expected… to say the least.

My friend and I had a semi-grand plan that involved staying on campus and chilling out in East Tennessee and Asheville for the week.

Well, that plan immediately disappeared the moment I received an email that kicked me out of my dorm, which pretty much shortened my entire break and led me to bouncing around different people’s houses with trash bags filled with clothes.

My friend and I still did our trip to Asheville, but everything else was pretty much cancelled. I started my spring break in a tiny house in Weaverville, NC and ended my spring break in my bedroom in my grandparents’ basement where there is only one tiny window as a source of light.

With all that being said, this week’s outfits were all over the place, as well as the video to showcase them. You’re in for a short, semi-chaotic treat:

Song #1: “sit back” by Dixxy.
Song #2: “On The Road” by TFLM & Dave Erpson


“Maui” sweatshirt: borrowed (it belongs to my friend, but I’m 10000% sure it’s thrifted)
Black long-sleeve shirt: Walmart
Gray sweatpants: Walmart (one of the best pairs of sweatpants I own; don’t underestimate Walmart’s men’s section)
Black sneakers: Puma


“Virgin Falls” tee: thrifted
Blue drawstring pants: Macy’s
Black booties: Macy’s (rip; they’re super muddy now)


Matching black, pink, and red sweatsuit: New York & Company (one of my fave matching sets; would be 1000 times better if the pants had pockets though)


Pink and gray dress: was a gift from a relative

*Even though I am stuck at home for the rest of the semester, I am going to continue my challenge and wear a dress every single week until the semester ends.

I just found out I am being kicked off campus until August (meaning online classes for the rest of the semester), and I have to schedule a time to go back to campus and move the rest of the stuff out of my dorm (and rescue my Doug the Pug calendar).

Bare with me as I try to adjust to a new routine and figure everything out, including creating great content in my dark basement bedroom and finding an internship in the midst of the Virus Chaos.

Wish me luck, and again, bare with me.

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