How to Turn Your Home-Room Into Your Room

Without Spending A Penny

Considering I got booted out of my dorm and will be living in my room in my grandparents’ basement until August, I thought this blog post would be a good idea.

After moving out and transferring somewhere to stay for a long period time, I think it’s important that your living quarters feel like you… like home.

Granted, sometimes you don’t get a blank canvas to work with. My room is fairly small with a queen-sized bed in the middle of it. All the furniture is dark. The nightstands are cheap, circular wooden tables with white cloths on them. The comforter set is different shades of gray, and the sheet set is navy blue. There are different plaques and pictures on the walls. Since I do live in the basement, there is a space heater that lives in the corner. Not to mention, the room has dolls everywhere — on the dresser, bed, nightstand.

There’s only so much I could do to make the room feel like mine, instead of a place for the old, reject furniture.

Here are three things I did to make my basement bedroom feel a little bit more like me (also, warning: amateur photography ahead):

Scour “junk room” and garage for organizational items

Different items around the house can be used as decor and/or storage items. I like to look for unused, kind of dusty dishes around the house to organize my jewelry, skincare products, and underwear drawer (not pictured because boundaries).

Maximize space

This kind of goes with the first tip but on a slightly bigger scale. With items found during the junk/garage scavenger hunt, you can really maximize space, especially in a small room. For example, I never know where to put my shoes when I come home. Then, I found a small shelf in my grandparents’ garage and decided to use it for my shoes and two tripods. I also decided to turn the empty space on the window sill into a small bookshelf for my leisure books (minus the Interior Designer’s Portable Handbook) and journals. I use items that are already on the window sill as bookends. The window sill is also where I decided to keep my two cameras, which are often hidden behind my curtains.

Use common items as decor

This is honestly what most of my room is, but this tip especially reigns true for my nightstands. One nightstand has my electronics, Instax camera, and eucalyptus candle as decor, and they double as items I use everyday (literally, Alexa is my clock). My other nightstand is eclectic but displays my everyday, night routine items as decor, especially all the Bath & Body Works products bunched by themselves.

These are the three things I do to try to make my room at home feel more like my space instead of a reject dungeon. One of these days, I hope to convince my grandparents to let me hang some old records as decor. That would really tie the room together and make it say “Jamilah.” Until then, it will do as is.

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