How to Create More Space on Your Smartphone

aka An Excuse for Me to Show My Monthly Phone Cleanse

Every month, I set aside about two to three hours of my day to go through my phone (mainly my photos) and delete everything that is unneeded/unwanted and saves space.

This month was a special month for my phone cleansing because I did more than clean out my camera roll and delete my Internet history/data (which saves a lot of space). Before cleansing my phone, I used about 50 gigabytes of data. After cleansing my phone, I went down to 21.5 gigabytes of data being used.

Here are the four things I do to save/create space on my smartphone:

1. Change Wallpaper + Lockscreen

Okay, this is the only one that isn’t technically a part of the cleanse, but it was past time for me to change my wallpaper and lockscreen, especially my lockscreen. I love the fists of different skin tones with the yellow background, but it was time for a switch up. Also, I just wasn’t vibing with the blue wallpaper that said “Hustle.” It was supposed to motivate me to work harder than ever before, and now that I have a routine, I kind of don’t need that reminder.


I changed my lockscreen to a picture of my friend’s dog lying her head on my foot; I miss them both. My wallpaper is a picture of graffiti I took during my trip to Asheville. I turned the highlights all the way down on the picture and straightened it up a bit.


2. Delete + Download Apps

This is something I do every quarter instead of every month.

I go through all my apps and delete all the ones I don’t utilize and the ones I won’t need for a while, such as school apps. I also download apps that I think I’ll need. I’m not really someone who plays a lot of games on my phone, so I focus on downloading resourceful apps.


  • Safe App for school
  • Money App for school
  • Vital Source Bookshelf
  • Lyft
  • DoorDash
  • Fonts
  • Soundcloud
  • Chatbooks


  • Genius

3. Unfollow People on Instagram

This is less of a phone space saving thing and more of a mental health saving thing. Every month, I go through who I’m following on Instagram to see who is inspiring and good for my mental health. If someone doesn’t meet both criteria, I unfollow them; I also like to unfollow some people from high school I barely talked to in the first place, but I do this in small increments.

4. Go Through My Camera Roll

This takes the most time, but it’s a nice little trip I take down memory lane every month. There are some key things I try to focus on deleting from my camera roll:




I also delete a bunch of random pictures and bursts that I simply don’t want nor need anymore. After about an hour and a half, I had over nine hundred pictures in my Recently Deleted folder, which are all officially deleted (it says eight hundred are in my camera roll, but that’s not counting bursts individually).

If you are dedicated to saving space on your phone and maintaining good battery life, I encourage you to take the time to delete unwanted and unneeded photos, videos, and apps. If you open social media and don’t feel motivated or inspired or good about yourself, unfollow the people who are making you feel this way. Doing this every month keeps you sane.

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