How to Occupy Your Time During Quarantine

… or Shelter-in-Place, Safer at Home, Whatever They’re Calling It Where You Live

I couldn’t even begin to tell you what quarantine day we’re on. Everyone is on different days; some people are just now starting their quarantine, and I think that has to do with the government.

Personally, I think we’ll all be quarantined for a while, especially Americans.

It’s time to stay home and take a much needed break from life. It is very unfortunate that the unemployment rate is rising and the economy is suffering, but I genuinely think we’re all safer at home.

Since most of the world is stuck in their houses, I created a short list of activities you could do during this time. These are meant to be accomplished in your free time; I know quite a few people are in online school or working from home, and those assignments should definitely be your first priority.

Read and/or Write

Reading expands your mind, and writing frees your mind. With this weird situation we’re all experiencing, I think it’s important to free your mind of all the worry and anxiety you may be feeling; writing is one way you could get all those thoughts and emotions out. As for reading, audio books are a thing now, so if you’re not into physically picking up a book, you could listen to books. You could also find books on your smart device if you want to read digitally. Personally, I prefer reading a physical book and writing on a physical piece of paper. After constantly looking at a screen for school, I like to give my eyes a break from the strain and look at something that doesn’t have a quick loading time.

Pictured: random journal that was found in a closet, Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum, Capture Your Style by Aimee Song

Start/Finish Television Shows

This is the perfect time to finish that Netflix show you started three years ago or finally check out that TV show your best friend has been raving about. I have lists among lists of TV shows I want to watch, most of them were recommended and some of them I stumbled upon myself. Right now, I’m trying to catch up on On My Block, finish season two of All American, and finish the entire Ugly Betty series. Then, I have the Good Place and Single Parents to watch, which were recommended. Honestly, the list is endless, but I want to be all caught up before 2021. I want to start 2021 off by re-watching the entire Baby Daddy and Melissa & Joey series. If you’re like me, this break gives us an opportunity to catch up (even though I’m still in school).


Whether you’re continuing your fitness routine or starting your fitness journey, this is the perfect time to work on your physical health. I’ve still been exercising, but I just started Chloe Ting’s Two Week Shred Challenge (which kicks my butt every morning). During this quarantine season, I participated in Zumba for the first time, and it was quite an experience. I quickly learned how I lack rhythm and coordination; it’s to the point where I’m heavily considering not dancing at my future wedding. Anyway, now is the perfect time to experiment with your fitness routine and find new ways to stay active, whether that be kickboxing, salsa lessons, Just Dance, doing a thousand crunches every day. There are tons of videos online with different beginner, intermediate, and rigorous levels.


This kind of goes with the last one, but it also doesn’t because it goes beyond fitness. Now is the time to experiment with your look (temporary hair dye, temporary piercings, a complete style switch up), Pinterest DIYs (there are trillions online that you could probably recreate), and simply figure out a new way to do things. For me, I’ve been experimenting with my look a little bit while adding color/shimmer to my lips. I always try to experiment with my style, but I’ve never tried to coordinate my outfits with a lip color because I hardly ever wear a lip color beyond my bedroom (even though I own a few; I’m not sure why I stopped). Sure, you’ll be experimenting around your house, but it’ll give you something to be excited about showing everyone else soon.

Pictured from closest to fingers: NYX Butter Gloss in Raspberry Pavlova, Winky Lux Gloss in Coffee Glaze, Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig

Do Something That Scares You

Of course, this has to be something you can do around your house. It can be as simple as texting your crush that you like him/her or turning your camera on during Zoom University and giving everyone a glimpse into your home. It can be as big as completely rearranging every room in your house or pulling a prank on your family (like switching everything in the fridge with everything in the pantry; I don’t know; I’m not a prankster). For me, it was making Instagram accounts. I know that’s something I shouldn’t be scared of, but it took a couple of months and being trapped in the house for me to finally make two more Instagram accounts. One is its_supersimple , which is for the podcast. The other one is milahsclosett , which is for me to share my outfits and love for style. The second one was a lot scarier to make because it’s me putting my personal style out there and sharing cringe-worthy photos of me trying to model outfits around the house. I’m trying not to delete the one picture I posted before anyone finds it; it’s teaching me to be confident and comfortable with my style. Next scary hurdle: a Facebook account for the podcast; I don’t know why, but Facebook scares every bone in my body.

Try New Recipes

Yes, you should only go to the grocery store for essential items. However, if you happen to walk by something that looks interesting and isn’t super expensive, toss it in the cart. Take this as a time to experiment with different food combinations and maybe try new seasonings. When I was younger, I had cooking competitions with my sister, where we raided the kitchen and came up with recipes. A third person would judge our food and pick a winner; then all three of us would eat the food we made (I won most of the time).

Explore New Music

If you’re someone who has to sit and immerse yourself in a new album (meaning you can’t listen to a new album for the first time while working on a major assignment because you want to focus on everything about the album), this break is the perfect time to deep dive into those new albums you’ve been meaning to listen to. This is a great time to discover new artists and genres. For me, I’ve really fallen in love with The Weeknd’s new album, After Hours, during this time of quarantine. Before “Heartless,” I only listened to The Weeknd’s music when a song came on the radio. Also, this life break has introduced me to the magnificent beast that is Qveen Herby. I sat down and deep dove into every single one of her songs, two days in a row. It’s rare that you hear about a rapper who can also sing beautifully; the Qveen is very underrated, and I can’t wait until she gets the same hype and recognition we give Cardi and Thee Stallion.

On top of schoolwork and having fun pursuing my passions, these are the few things I do to occupy myself during this time. What other activities could one do to occupy time? I know a lot of content creators are using this time to improve their work and crank out as much content as they possibly can. Working from home is definitely a test of one’s self-discipline.

Anyway, I hope you’re making smart decisions. 🙂

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