Final Outfits of the Week

For the first week of April, I decided to create outfits that consist of hand-me-down items I’ve been given.

Yes, I love buying new clothes, but I also love purchasing used clothes (this is what they young folks call “thrifting”) and wearing clothes given to me (or as people call them, “hand-me-downs”). Honestly, I just love clothes; this is not new news.

Also, this week is the last weekly Outfits of the Week post (at least for a while). I talk about it in the beginning of the video, so without further ado, here are my outfits that consist of hand-me-down items.

Song: “Good For You” by Thbd


White shirt: from friend
Blue capris: from aunt
Silver necklace: SheIn


Orange shirt: from friend
Gray workout pants: from friend


“Sleeping with Sirens” tee: from friend
Brown patterned pants: from aunt
Yellow statement earrings: gift from another friend


Black and white halter dress: from aunt (first time wearing in the video and slightly uncomfortable)


Cropped tropical tee: from grandmother
Striped capris: from aunt
Gold hoops: Forever 21

That’s all for this outfits of the week! Again, thank you to all of my friends and family who thought enough about me to give me your old clothes. I truly appreciate it.

To my readers, I hope you are staying safe and making smart decisions. This too shall pass.

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